Welcome To Our Temple Of Holy Light

In Honour of the Goddess

& Her Divine Feminine Principal

Explore Our Temple Offerings

Self Mastery & Ascension Workshops
embody the ancient alchemical mysteries
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Transference Healing Workshops
Learn energetic procedures for self healing & empowerment
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Alchemical Transfusion & Holy Light Infusion
Group Temple Ritual
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Beyond Doorways Workshop
Work with content of Beyond Doorways book by Alexis Cartwright
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Vessel of the Goddess Workshop
attune to the creative principal of the universe & divine feminine flow
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Animal Magic Workshop
Learn to work with the Transference Healing Animal Magic deck of divination Cards
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1:1 Healing

1:1 Channelled Reading

Each channelling brings clear conscious insight that unblocks energetically, vital to heal & integrate light on the next level, awakening your spiritual potential.

in person or absentee

1:1 Transference Healing

Our chosen healing system is Transference Healing® – a seventh dimensional heart based frequency healing modality, that’s achieving profound results.

in person or absentee

We're Beaming High Vibes from the Glastonbury Grid in England
our Doorway into the heart of Avalon & beyond
We Invite you to visit
to be touched by the Light of these Higher Realms
& to get support for your Spiritual growth, Self mastery & Ascension

Take the next step & unify your spiritual knowledge. Our ascension teachings consolidate all ancient healing modalities, all the world's mystical & religious traditions, joins the heart & mind AND brings together the earthly worlds with the heavenly worlds. Join us. Accelerate your self healing journey. Or learn to become a powerful and authentic lightworker, a new generation of healer, an ascension facilitator. Through receiving the energy from any of our Temple offerings, you can ascend into higher levels of consciousness & frequency, gain accessibility to the universe in a divine way, embody divine feminine spiritual empowerment, and make the difference that you want to make.

upgrade how you live

Template your Sacred Space

The star of your sacred space is always the altar, the home for your beloved deity and meaningful icons.  

We have a collection of unique items that hold energy, they’ll bring through a presence when you place them on your altar.

Your Body Deserves To Be Adorned

See our Latest exclusive Star of Gaia lightbody jewellery on Instagram

Customers reviews

What people say?

I'd seen the beautiful white store front and hadn't managed to go in, and i'm so glad I did. What appeared to be a store, truly is a Temple with such a light and bright energy. the pieces that i bought to take home will be treasured altar pieces forever.
LOVE LOVE LOVE everything in this shop, every time i go to Glastonbury its first on my list of shops to visit, and I always find something, the crystals this trip were just amazing.
Alicia L
Yorkshire, UK
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