1:1 Channelled Reading

with Divine Healing
Brings clear conscious insight AND unblocks energetically, vital to heal & integrate light on the next level, awakening your spiritual potential.
In person and ‘absentee’ phone session with Nareena-Gaia

Group Temple Ritual

Channelling & Anointing

Experience the higher heaven worlds through an enchanting Temple Ritual & Channelling: an opportunity to deeply feel your spiritual faith in your body. Attending this event is a key to support your heart to more fully open and FEEL the spirit force of the light.

In person only, with Nareena-Gaia

'ana Of Magdala'


During these channellings Nareena-Gaia calls forward an aspect of her oversoul ‘Ana of Magdala’.

Ana of Magdala was a Temple Priestess of the Mystic Christianity lineage, trained in person by the great Masters:

Saint Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary, in Jerusalem & Egypt. Her mission, during that fateful life, under direct tutelage of Master Jesus, was to leave the Temple in the Holy Land and bring ‘the ancient ritual way of the Goddess’ to Glastonbury.

The Ascended Masters Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene that were so close in Ana of Magdala’s lifetime, embodied their divinity and have since completed their journey on this plane, and are now teachers for us all.

Remembering that we too are ascending masters on this amazing earth, they walk beside us, guiding us along that same path. They went ahead of us to show us the way, the truth and the light.
Today, through spiritual devotion,
and constant daily relationship with 'Ana of Magdala', who is so close and a part of me,
these great Masters can easily share their light transmissions through these Events.
Love & Light, Nareena-Gaia
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