Transference Healing


Our Healing sessions Activate rapid Change & Spiritual Growth

Receiving Transference Healing® via any of our healings, channelling or workshops allows you to achieve and sustain a consistent level of balance, wellness, stamina and longevity, as you evolve through the changes that are happening on earth now.

Ongoing Transference Healing® sessions activate internal alchemical changes that encourages your personal healing, elevating emotional and spiritual growth, whilst at the same time further advancing your ascension & mastership process.

They will free you from the burdens and fears stored within your body and consciousness, enabling you to lift out of indecision or lack of trust and faith, and help you to move into higher states of being that create new levels of vibrant health whilst manifesting unlimited possibility within your world, life and reality.

Transference Healing® represents the process of the ‘death’ of the old and the ‘rebirth’ of the new. It creates the light technology and alchemical processes within for this to happen, transmuting old genetic weaknesses and inner wounding, birthing new found health, wellness and a feeling of personal fulfilment.

Each session consists of a series of energetic procedures that work on a multi-dimensional level, to get to the core of dis-ease. That way, we’re able to clear genetic restriction and as yet un-identified pain stored within the deeper dimensions of the etheric/physical body.

By working etherically in this way, complex levels and layers of distortion and inbuilt pain, hidden deep within, existing in the etheric blueprint (on the subatomic and cellular levels of the body) can begin to heal, alleviating soul pain and Lightbody symptoms. A powerful clearing or purification process occurs during and after the healing, promoting further alchemical healing in the body & consciousness, that had disempowered our self healing process, and our ability to gain emotional and personal fulfilment, or embrace personal goals, spiritual gifts and talents.

As an ascension frequency healing modality, Transference Healing® not only works with the 4 elements, – earth, air, fire, water – but also works with the illusive 5th element of ether, so the body can ascend into the 5th dimension or Adam Kadmon body. It also works on all 4 planes – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – clearing weakness within, on these inner levels, to allow more balance, wholeness and completeness to be embodied.

The Real Magic of Transformation & Change

This embodiment co-creates a ‘Transference Shift’ within your reality, this is the magic of real transformation.

As you make consistent frequency shifts into higher levels of consciousness, deep emotional and personal wounding will begin to heal itself from within. You will become free from the need for medical or even alternative care because you will be consistently clearing the weaknesses of your etheric and genetic blueprint from your body, preventing imbalances and their symptoms. Through the frequencies of Transference Healing® and the support of your healing facilitator at HaloAvalon, you will continue to awaken and grow, obtaining the necessary internal resources to release fear and confusion, to break through illusions and restrictions as you heal and ascend.

You will begin to take the right steps towards improving all aspects of your life including relationships, talents, career and income. You will be empowered to become a self-healer and you will start to master on a daily basis, ultimately achieving your highest vision of and for yourself. It will support and enhance your awakening process at this time.

Healing Guidelines


How often do i need to receive Transference Healing?

As a general guideline, a monthly ‘Fundamental & Advanced’ Transference Healing® or ‘Channelled Reading & Divine Healing’ is recommended.

This will both energetically and consciously support you to evolve with more ease, and to continue to lift into higher frequencies. We take pleasure in creating a sacred and nurturing space for your healing, to gently allow your growth process to unfold, at a pace that seems right for you and your destiny, using spiritual counselling where necessary to guide in areas that come to the surface during the process of running energy.

For those who are new to their self healing journey, transformation and ascension, are in a health crisis, are being challenged by circumstances in their life, or just intuitively feel it’s right for them, a fortnightly session is advised. All options may be discussed at your first session, which tends to take a little longer than following sessions.

Which Healing is Best for me?

As a general guideline, trust your own intuitive guidance.


This is perfect as a taster healing, and lovely to experience whilst you are here on location in Glastonbury. It will anchor you into the global grid and take you through doorways interdimensionally to experience all you need from the hidden realms here. You’ll receive a definite impact even though its a mini healing.  This healing helps greatly if you have past life doorways open at this time, to bring healing and insight to support the gifts from that time to anchor.  


This session activates deep & profound alchemical change from within, which evolves with you over the next month or so, its generally a blissful experience to receive, and has a full reading afterwards. Ideal to make the big changes you are seeking, and to gain clarity about your spiritual growth process, helping you to identify and clear the blocks.


These channellings are a profound and unique higher frequency experience to absorb refined frequencies from the Universe, its ideal to see the bigger picture of you, your life and your eternal journey through the dimensions. Each infusion of divine energies is different, suitable for those on a higher level of growth and ascension.

Feel free to mix and match between all three sessions to suit your own personal journey. 

What Is Transference Healing?

Please take a moment to take your energy down into your heart, to allow yourself to be receptive to experience the energy of Transference Healing® & the energy of HaloAvalon, as it channels through via this website.

By opening to experience the energy, you may more clearly comprehend the frequency, to allow the science and heart behind the energy itself to filter in, and allow your higher self to guide you in the next step of your journey, as to whether Transference Healing® resonates as a potential pathway for your further awakening.

Transference Healing® is a 7th dimensional frequency healing and ascension process that is advanced, multi-dimensional, works with the lightbody and creates alchemy. As a modality, it combines Eastern or new etheric healing procedures with unique information and lightbody procedures, channelled onto earth to create an intricate and profoundly effective form of healing at this vital time of Earth and human evolution.

It's a healing of hope, light and love,
enhancing a spiritual awakening
& reconnection back to and through the Christ,
so that one can begin to come back into a state of spiritual oneness
with the omniverse & the God/Goddess.
It's unique and achieving profound results!
Alexis Cartwright

Why Is Frequency Healing Necessary?

Transference Healing® is unique in that it not only works with ENERGY, but also works with FREQUENCIES..

Frequency healing unifies and weaves the subtle properties of crystal, pranic and energetic elements that are sustained within nature and the elements of the Earth’s realm with that of the stellar, electromagnetic and magnetic properties that are sustained within the elements of the cosmic realms. It is therefore an inter-dimensional form of healing.

Transference Healing® is a form of frequency healing that enables you to clear and heal on multidimensional levels within your body and consciousness. It holds the technology to support a clearing process of the genetic patterning within the different dimensions of the etheric body so that the body and consciousness can begin to alchemically heal itself. Transference also supports the integration of the lightbody system now coming into manifestation, helping to create the new anatomy, the Adam Kadmon body, as the Earth ascends into the 5th dimension. This frequency healing modality was channelled through to Earth as an ascension modality, it not only supports a physical healing process but is a new way of healing for the new millennium. As the earth is in a time of transition, in the process of a radial evolutionary cycle, a new way of healing is necessary as the Earth changes are impacting the human psyche, anatomy and consciousness.

The global spiritual community is in agreement that the Earth and human body are currently experiencing a divine ascension process. From 1999 to 2012 we were in a vital time of transition from a 3rd to 5th dimensional frequency, consciousness and reality. Science and spirituality were uniting and there are now a great many documented changes and trends, in addition to much scientific evidence to support the fact that we were indeed in this transition period. Such scientifically observable energetic changes include the movement of the magnetic lines and poles of the Earth, dramatic increases in electromagnetic frequencies, increased cosmic activity including unprecedented solar flare activity and their associated magnetic tidal waves, bizarre weather changes, severe weather patterns and natural disasters.

Human beings are not just physical in nature; we are complex multi-dimensional energetic beings with a complex, geometric, etheric template or blueprint underlying and sustaining us and regulating the automatic function of the body’s self-healing system. For this reason, the energetic changes of the Earth and Cosmos continuing beyond 2012 are co-creating alchemical changes within matter and light, which in turn is changing the fundamental make-up of our body, consciousness, planet and reality as a whole.

These changes need to be directly understood and utilised in such a way that they can support our fundamental ascension process, as the new world or 5th dimension begins to co-create itself at this time. Not only is the DNA clearing old genetic codes, and on an etheric level reweaving itself, but the body is genetically changing so that an alchemical healing process can occur, allowing the body to ascend into a higher frequency, world or reality. All these changes within the Earth and cosmos are also necessary for the anchoring and integration of the Lightbody system, which is the blueprint from which we can begin to manifest a divine connection to the Christ and all that entails.

What Is The Lightbody?

The Lightbody is a body that sustains higher frequencies
of elements & light on a sub-atomic level.
It exhibits superluminal emanations that are crystalline and ethereal in nature,
sustained within a 6th dimensional holographic matrix,
it is of a higher evolutionary state of manifestation"
Alexis Cartwright

Our etheric body, electromagnetic body, DNA, chemical and hormonal make-up is quickly changing in response to the alchemical changes that are occurring in creating our ascension process at this time. This is resulting in Lightbody Symptoms such as: new illnesses, viruses, diseases, emotional and mental disorders, dissatisfaction, unexplained or increased severity of symptoms and in many cases ineffectiveness of traditional methods of treatment.

To achieve and maintain wellness at this time we need to regularly clear, realign, recode and balance all of our energetic bodies and also work with supporting the anchoring and integration of the Lightbody system. The lightbody work unified with other etheric procedures to create a frequency and ascension healing modality is what makes Transference Healing® so unique.

Transference Healing® works within the multi-dimensional levels of the etheric/physcial anatomy. It supports a genetic clearing process and recoding of the DNA, as well as clearing distortions within the vibrational plane of the body so that one can sustain more emotional and physical wellness to enhance personal and spiritual growth. On a parallel level, it also works with the electromagnetic and magnetic dimensions of the etheric body to support the integration of the new Lightbody system to enhance spiritual growth and self empowerment.

By utilising the electromagnetic and magnetic influences created by the resonance of crystals, grid lines and stellar influxes, the missing element of ‘ether’ is infused within the compounds of the cells inside the body itself. This enables the body to alchemically change to sustain a higher frequency, allowing the Lightbody to anchor more on a subatomic level to create the new Adam Kadmon or 5th dimensional body. This process takes energy healing to the next level, creating frequency healing.

This new form of frequency healing, Transference Healing®, is now necessary because we are at a vital time in our evolutionary and ascension process.

This form of healing was once used on Earth when the Earth and our dimension as a whole was suspended within the light and our existence at that time was more ethereal, during the time when Lemuria and Atlantis still existed. It has re-manifested as a new way of healing as the Earth once more begins to ascend into the higher dimension in which the elements resonate more on an electrometric level and sustain more light. The Earth changes are in turn creating more changes within the compounds of all the elements as it ascends into the 5th dimension.

The combined array of Transference Healing® procedures supports the balancing of our masculine and feminine energies, refines our power centre (ego), purifies and clears karmic patterning and wounding from our cellular memory and genetic weaknesses from our DNA. They support the clearing process of emotional pain held within the body on a vibrational level and supports the opening of the deeper chambers of the Heart Chakra to enhance the healing and evolutionary process of the emotions, through to awakening our consciousness as we anchor aspects of our higher self.

Transference Healing® shifts the frequency in the body and filters light into the sub-atomic dimensions of the body for the anchoring process of the Lightbody system, and in parallel, continually shifts us into higher levels of frequency and consciousness to create a more empowered state of Mastership. Frequency healing helps us achieve alignment, balance, holistic wellness and spiritual empowerment to obtain a form of enlightenment.

"Enlightenment isn't a state of mind, it is a state of Being,
ascension occurs through the body, not just the mind."
Alexis Cartwright

The Lightbody is more crystalline and ethereal in nature. It is very much supported in its integration process in the body through the resonance changes of the crystals, which are being activated by the rapid stellar activations and changes in the cosmos. Crystals were used for lightbody work and healing in both Lemuria and Atlantis, and for healing in many other ancient civilisations. They are very instrumental in the technology and frequencies that energetically channel through the Transference Healing® modality to support the frequency changes within the body and consciousness.

Transference Healing® has been channelled to support these complex changes and the ascension process. It is redefining how we look at healing, providing essential universal knowledge and tools through procedures to support our reconnection to the healing properties of nature that are provided by the radical changes in the Earth and Cosmos, allowing us to master the true teachings of the celestial Christ. It is a spiritual form of healing and empowers new states of mastership as one embodies the transitional process of ascension.

Come and experience the magic with us

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