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In search of Avalon


Over the centuries, many humble seekers, Masters & Saints have come to Glastonbury, in search of the elusive magic of Avalon, and to connect to the energies, frequencies and light that is accessible through the earth Herself at this beautiful location.

Simply by visiting specific sites around Glastonbury, a unique spiritual purification process is activated so that we can unblock something in ourselves, to connect us back to an ancient grid line that opens a pathway into the wisdom of the Goddess for our own personal spiritual empowerment.

visiting Glastonbury enables a connection to different levels of Goddess vibrations, in support of becoming a vessel of the Christ light

Through the unique spiritual purification process that only the Glastonbury grid can provide, an alchemical shift occurs within our etheric and lightbody systems through the technology of our heart, so that we’re more connected to certain elemental and stellar vibrations. This is such a unique process that infuses higher frequencies of light into the body, so that it can then be integrated over time, to greatly support the embodiment of the Christ ‘I AM’.

Grid Into The Higher Frequencies


Magic of the Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor is a huge energetic vortex, part of a much large heart grid complex.  The Tor is like a doorway through which cosmic & inter-dimensional energies can filter into our world, making these higher worlds more accessible.  Glatonbury’s frequencies resonate a profound vibration that support the human heart and the heart of our planet. Glastonbury itself is renowned in spiritual circles to represent the heart chakra of our planet, the grid itself, its crystals deep in the earth that connect to specific star systems; nature the elements, and all its complexity that it creates, symbolises a magical spiralling pathway of higher spiritual initiations.

deep within the earth & cosmic grid of Glastonbury is a beautiful crystalline geometric technology of crystals combined with stellar frequencies of light, that orchestrate frequency shifts for us to easily absorb keys & codes that activate our heart chakra in support of our integration with our soul & higher self

Glastonbury's Impact on Us

For us as individuals, the amazing energy creates a natural healing & activation effect for the lightbody, and in turn positively impacts physical wellness and emotional wellbeing.  Being in Glastonbury naturally helps with opening the deeper chambers of the heart chakra itself, which enables emotional growth from a more spiritual perspctive,  positively enhancing a rapid heart based evolution of consciousness and deeper spiritual awakening. Our heart is the key to our ascension.

Powerful inter-dimensional doorways are easily accessed, making it a perfect spot for meditation, reflection, inner journeying and profound healing. Spending time on our sacred land will take you on a spiralling pathway of healing, purification and initiation, drawing you into the depths of the Goddess to hear her wisdom for your own journey.

Every personal experience in Glastonbury will compel you to purify spiritual wounding, so that you can finally listen to – and act from – the deeper chambers of your heart & higher self, crystallise your lightbody, and if you’re here long enough, you will be encouraged to finally embrace your spiritual empowerment.  Ultimately, Glastonbury represents the magical pathway that we go through to finally embody the Christ ‘I AM’ presence.

Bring Your Group Into Our Temple


Group 'Heart of Avalon' Temple Experience

Our Temple utilises the light technology of Glastonbury Avalon and has been created in a way that enables access to the interdimensional doorways into higher realms of Christ Light. 

Your Group will be welcomed into the deeper & holiest Temple space at HaloAvalon, prepared and templated especially for you & your group, in readiness for a personalised high frequency ritual and channelling. This experience will bring a connection to the sacredness of Glastonbury & Avalon, and connect your participants to the higher realms. During your Heart of Avalon Temple Experience on a parallel level, you will be infused with the light and coding from the 5 major sites: The Tor, the Abbey, Chalice Well, Bridies Mound and Wearyall Hill.

Ancient memories and powers inherent at these locations, support all group participants to embrace their own spiritual journey, so that they can identify themself more clearly IN their own journey, as walking the path of the grail.

Commence your soulful Glastonbury pilgrimage with us at Halo Avalon, journeying into the deepest chambers of your heart.  Step through the mists with us, and break through the boundaries of consciousness to access the higher mystical planes of Avalon, where we’ll gain access to the unique elemental & angelic frequencies in support of your healing and ascension.

'The Heart of Avalon'
holy Group Temple Experience

  • I will start with channelled teachings to connect to the more sacred levels of Glastonbury/Avalon
  • We will go into a high frequency elemental, angelic & cosmic heart meditation
  • followed by a ceremonial cosmic ‘3rd Chamber of the heart’ ritual to awaken a deeper chamber of the heart through the grid
  • We finish with a Glastonbury etheric Pentagram gridding meditation, for integration
  • complete with an organic ‘High Tea’

It is our honour to welcome you and your PRIVATE GROUP into our sacred Temple, and we are happy to set the timings around your schedule. 

Half day ritual prices start at £111 per person, 8 – 14 people.

(Group Leader attendance complimentary)

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