Martin Belcher


renowned as a gifted physic, he was born to hold the Christ light in the Aquarian age

I personally welcome you into our sacred Temple

I'm the face you'll see when you enter

Calling on my Knight’s Templar lifetime, I hold a clear, safe and high vibration in the Temple. Together with my beloved, it is our destiny to bring this multi dimensional Temple alive, on this beautiful and holy land. 

As ‘front of house’ I love to hear and witness your story, and my personal role is to hold that in my heart, and guide you into the pathway that is uniquely right for you;

either to recommend a Channelling or Workshop with my beloved OR  to have a 1:1 Transference Healing with me;

or to simply point you in the right direction to work with one of our crystals or tools. 

As I hear your story, I’m guided as to how you can heal what’s stopping you in life, together we can work out a plan for you to unfold into your greatest life.

Martin is a balance of powerful healer & gentle soul guide

Known for his capacity to help others awaken, he  utilises gifts attained through many lifetimes as a Shaman, Buddhist Monk and Native American Medicine Man – he can naturally draw from this well of knowledge as it channels through his oversoul whilst running Transference Healing, to create a divine healing and transformation.  

The Long Story of his journey

I was born with my psyche open and it has remained open throughout my life. At the age of 7, I walked into the living room, and encountered a group of men and women, they were etheric. I didn’t feel fearful of them, just shocked that they were there. I heard them say they were my family.

I didn’t mention this to anyone. At school the teachers realised that sitting the naughty children next to me would calm them down. I remember a child stabbed me in the back with a pencil, my first encounter of negative spirits working through others, doing me harm. I was bullied at school, yet another manifestation of dark forces working through people trying to hurt me.

Luckily in my teenage years, i was trained by wonderful teachers, who understood my psychic gifts and taught me Buddhism, along side training a traditional style of karate.

Life became difficult for me, I became depressed as i could not fit into the academic or 3D way of life. I liked being in nature, where i would feel the presence of the nature spirits around me. Life just wasn’t working out. I often thought that this place was so difficult to live in, and contemplated suicide.

One bit of luck or destiny occurred when i was hired as a body guard for a family, visiting America. My karate was going well, giving me direction, and a purpose to apply my psychic gifts, to help keep others safe. It was then a life changing initiation occurred when i was high on the mountain top in Vermont. Snow was melting and had washed away the road, whilst attempting to cross a raging river to help women and children to safety, i fell in. I grabbed what i could to save myself, and realised i was in the position of the cross. Arms outstretched holding onto rock with one hand, and a tree root in another. My feet dangled about 25 feet above jagged rocks below. The cold mountain water pushing against my head came stronger. A voice said to me, ‘do you want to live or die’ … where up to that point i wanted to die, because everything was too painful, but as i felt death near, i said actually now i value life. I want to live. A voice said ‘if you want to live, you must trust us, and let go when we say’. I looked down again at the rocks below to white water, then the voice said ‘let go now’. I fell with the belief that i was going to die. I missed the rocks and was taken down to the cold river bed, my nose gently grazing the pebbles, then shot up to the surface to take a breath, and pulled down again under the force of the water. Finally the river released me, where a tall etheric man held my hand to take me to safety.

Since then, much has happened, i went through a madness – the stage of Merlin. So many initiations came: where i was pushed down on a bed feeling paralysed by the demon on top of me, negative Spirits visiting me and testing me at night, people turning nasty and ugly towards me, voices telling me to kill people or to cause mischief. Many tests that have brought me to where i am today.

One of the re-occurring visions that is very real to me, that has carried me through the difficult times, is of me kneeling at the base of the cross, where Jesus was crucified, the thunder lightening and rain stormed around me, i watched his blood drip from his feet onto my hands. I came back from this vision a different man. Stronger, more peaceful, knowing my power, knowing i was touched by Christ and a clear knowing of the work i was born on earth to do.

Over many years, I have been schooled in the old ways of magic from earthly teachers, in the Egyptian, Celtic, Shamanic, Buddhist, Native American and Aboriginal traditions. I’ve also been a medium for inter-galactic Beings to perform etheric surgery, and in 2009 I was trained by Alexis Cartwright in Transference Healing. I’ve been passing on messages, protecting many spirits and humans, and helping those that are trapped between the worlds. I’ve ran countless Transference Healings to support others through their empowerment as they learn to understand their spiritual & psychic gifts, and am now here to help you.

If you're resonating

trust your higher self.take a leap of faith.take the next step

Customers reviews

What people say?

The Beyond Doorways Healing I had with Martin was so surprising, he moved so much old pain in a short space of time! The clearing had a big impact on me and my life, and his psychic perception was eerily accurate. Thank you x
The moment Martin sprayed the Mary Magdalene Spray on me, I had an instant memory recall of a pst life as a Priestess. He held me in such a safe space whilst I cried and remembered who I was. It was so remarkable that he saw the same vision as me, it bought me a lot of peace that is still in my heart today.
The Netherlands

All Healing Is Ascension


We believe that all healing is ascension, that all healing needs to encourage and guide the individual onto their own self healing journey. We believe that all healing needs to be able to work with the new anatomy that our bodies are filtering in from the Universe, as we all live in the 5th dimension.

We see ascension as the process of lifting in consciousness, releasing density in our body, clearing the ego of old limiting patterns and decoding genetic distortions in the DNA so that we can integrate more of the higher self – the consciousness that resonates through from the lightbody system.

We see our body as a vessel to heal our soul.

Learn more about the complexity of Transference Healing®, and how our healings will help you.

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