A3 Template: Merlin


Merlin is the divine being who holds the Dragon Power lineage for humanity at this time. The Merlin lineage existed in very ancient times, well before the Arthurian Age, and actually dates back to the mystery schools of Lemuria. This lineage works with gridding and ascension technology that is accessed through crystals, as well the complex nature, wisdom and power of the crystalline Global Grid Matrix, and its energetic doorways into the galactic and elemental dimensions.

Merlin is now energetically interacting with our world to support the frequency changes of the Earth’s crystals and grid. As he works with the grid he is awakening and activating the Earth’s dormant Merkabah, which is not only supporting our evolution through the fifth dimension, but is also shifting global consciousness and awakening the heart of humanity. Because our etheric body and the Global Grid Matrix are energetically interconnected, Merlin is also shifting our internal frequencies. He is assisting us to anchor the new fifth dimensional template/grid, and to reweave the DNA and etheric hologram of our bodies. This is activating the Merkabah system, enabling the human body and consciousness to evolve.

Merlin’s consciousness is also supporting us to awaken the power of alchemy. Through Merlin’s energetic presence and guidance our reconnection to the teachings of Gaia and the Global Grid Matrix is also being supported. Through Merlin, humanity will begin to heal the inner child and tap into the power of pure magic once again, an evolutionary step that only a pure heart and soul can attain.

Most importantly, Merlin bestows the maze of initiations that enables us to heal, overcome genetic pain, and undergo spiritual empowerment through the awakening of Dragon Power. As symbolically represented by his connection to King Arthur, Merlin encourages us to embrace sacred magic, and to create the reality of the next Golden Age.

This reality is purified and empowered, and enables us to access the resources bestowed by Divine Will. The next Golden Age is one in which love, spirituality and child-like wonder are in abundance. Here, all that you imagine becomes reality.

The back of this template details channelled information on Merlin.

Please note:  You will be purchasing an A3 sized unframed print.

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