A4 Template Set: Inter-Dimensional Star Grid


This set of five A4 templates resonate the stellar codes that support the frequencies channelled through the ‘five-pointed star’ within the Transference Healing Master Christ Template symbol. Each template reflects the frequency and consciousness of one of the higher dimensions that were instrumental to the creation of our universal hologram; Pleiades, Orion, Sirius, Lyra and Arcturus. These dimensions connect to us through the universal grid, supporting the cohesive evolutionary process.

These templates also work with the recoding of the DNA to support the activation and integration of the lightbody. They support the Transference Healing frequencies.

The back of each of these templates details channelled information on its associated dimension. (These templates cannot be purchased separately.)


Due to the high quality material used to create these templates, they will mark if handled incorrectly. To protect your templates, we recommend that you use a tissue or gloves to handle them until they are either framed or laminated for display.

Size: Each of the five templates are A4 size.

Interdimensional Star Grid Template Set © Transference Healing Pty Ltd 2008

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