Beyond Doorways: The Mysteries Revealed


In this new and expanded edition of Beyond Doorways: the Mysteries Revealed, Alexis Cartwright offers a personal and channelled perspective on the divine and alchemical teachings relevant to our healing and enlightenment journey.

This information is as profound as it is timely. As you read, you initiate frequency changes within your body and consciousness. You also gain an in-depth understanding of the changes occurring in your reality at this critical time of ascension. Most importantly, this book provides you with powerful tools that can assist you to raise your vibration, self-master and co-create your reality. It provides a template through which you can integrate with the new, fifth dimensional world.

In this 2020 edition of Beyond Doorways: The Mysteries Revealed, Alexis shares:

*Information about our planet and Global Grid Matrix, our origin, and the light technology that sustains our holographic and evolving reality.
*The intricate technology and healing powers of crystals.
*The astrological events and alchemical changes that initiated our transition into the fifth dimension.
*How alchemical changes are supporting the evolutionary process of the DNA, Adam Kadmon body, and lightbody.
*The healing impact of Chiron, accompanied by personal astrological readings and self-healing practices.
*Transference Healing® procedures that work with the body and consciousness in support of healing and ascension.
*The powers of alchemy, the Feminine Principle and the Goddess, for the awakening of the psyche and the birthing of spiritual empowerment.
*The technology involved in the creation of our Universe, and the universal forces that orchestrate our existence, evolution and expansion.
*The changes that will occur throughout the New Age or fifth dimensional reality.
*The nature of Crystal Children; children who are being born at this time of global enlightenment. These children hold a unique consciousness, and attributes that are of a fifth dimensional frequency.
*The Ascended Masters supporting our self-mastership journey.
*The teachings of the Celestial Christ, and the technology of the Christbody and Consciousness.
*Interdimensional realities that coexist with us in support of ascension: Lyra, Arcturus, Sirius, Orion and Pleiades.
*The mystery schools of the past, including those of Lemuria and Atlantis.

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