Cosmic Christ Template (A3)


This template represents the teachings of the Cosmic Christ. Energetically, it creates a sense of unification between our mortal self or material form, and our divine self. When this unification it held and embodied we enter into the celestial realms, thereby embracing the true essence of resurrection.

This template is a seventh dimensional template that energetically resonates the celestial teachings of Jesus, who became the Christ. This title denotes his predestined role as the one who would teach us how to self-master by utilising the technology of nature to awaken Christ Consciousness.

Jesus was a man, born of flesh (Adam), that embodied the light (Christ/Cosmic body) in order to become one with his divine self (Adam Kadmon) on Earth. It is through this process that Heaven and Earth unite, (symbolically represented by the sacred symbol of the moon and Om symbols within the Master Christ Template), whereby the mortal or materialised human becomes divine. This divine path to ascension is not solely rooted in Christian history. Though Jesus is universally identified as the Christian Messiah, his true message was one of universal oneness and love; a guide for all humans to learn and evolve through.

Jesus, through both Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, embraced the sacred Goddess teachings. He became the embodiment of divine resurrection by unifying the Masculine and Feminine Principles within. This ascension through balance, symbolised by the Star of David, showed the way of bodily enlightenment for all of humanity.

The Cosmic Christ template energetically supports you to restore that divine state of balance and androgyny. Within this state, there is no need for separation.

The back of this template details channelled information on the Cosmic Christ.

Please note:  You are purchasing a printed A3 sized Template.

Cosmic Christ © Transference Healing Pty Ltd 2008 – Artwork by Helen Wells.

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