Lady Nada Template


Lady Nada supports the opening of the second chamber of the heart for the evolution of your emotions. She teaches us that for intelligence to become wisdom, it needs love. She also inspires pure intent, supporting those who aspire to higher ideals, (particularly those with the numerology of 11).

Lady Nada is the twin flame of Lord Sananda – the higher dimensional aspect of Jesus. She is the Feminine Principle of the Christ, energetically supporting divine balance. Alongside Lord Sananda she has been influencing humanity through the Sixth Ray, enhancing the qualities of peace, unconditional love and compassion within humanity.

Lady Nada shifts the frequency of water on the planet, allowing us to cleanse ourselves of old patterning while purifying the emotional body. She also enhances purity of spirit and consciousness, shifting the frequency of crystals and evolving our spiritual intellect.

Like Mary Magdalene, Lady Nada connects us to the Devic realms. She also connects us to Gaia so we can receive an etheric healing to support more rapid ascension. Lady Nada helps us master unconditional love by healing of painful emotions. She refines the emotions of the heart and supports the integration of the higher aspect of the self, or Oversoul, so we can ascend and evolve in our emotional body and consciousness. Fundamentally, she supports heart mastery for all of humanity.

The back of this template details channelled information on Ascended Master Lady Nada.


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