Morgan Le Fey Sacred Oil


*Fairy Queen

This sacred oil awakens a deeper connection to the energies of Morgan Le Fay; queen of the fairy realm. Through the support of Morgan Le Fay, this powerful and exotic oil awakens the psyche to the ancient mysteries and higher realms overseen by pagan goddesses. It opens you up to magic in your everyday life.

This alchemical combination of essential oils is an ancient recipe that instils a deep sense of connection to Morgan Le Fay. It grounds your energies into the inner kingdoms of Gaia and awakens your consciousness to the fairy kingdoms, the doorways to which exist within the caves, grottoes, streams and forests of our world.

When used as a perfume or sacred oil for meditation, ritual or prayer, its aromatic and crystalline frequencies awaken a deeper connection to the natural elements. It also awakens you to the nature spirits of our world, enabling them to enter into your reality to create alchemy, change and manifestation.

15ml glass bottle with roll on applicator.


Essential oils of Rose, Lavender, Violet and Jasmine with a Sweet Almond Oil base.


Morgan Le Fay,

Divine vessel of the ancient way and the Earth goddess,

Through you I delve into the inner realms of the fairy kingdom.

I learn and embrace their magic.

I awaken this magic within me.

I create a link between their world and mine, and co-create a part of this divine kingdom on Earth.

Morgan Le Fay, through you I unite with the fairies in the healing of the Earth.

I support of the resurrection of Avalon within my reality.

Blessings to the Goddess.

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