Mother Mary Template


During her incarnation in biblical times, Mother Mary was instrumental in creating a new order and ‘sacred’ way of divine healing. She embraced the powers bestowed by the Great Mother, the co-creating force of the universe. Born to fulfil a prophecy preordained by the goddess, Mother Mary was instrumental in re-establishing the power and properties of sacred lunar or Lemurian teachings of the Goddess back onto the planet and into the heart of humanity.

Mother Mary is a vessel for purification. She supports you to heal your genetic makeup, and thereby your family lineage. She does this by attuning to specific prayers that work with her lineage of healing. This is supported by the Blue Ray, which anchors frequencies of light through sound.

She not only supports deep alchemical and emotional healing in both the body and consciousness, but also reconnects you to the heart for soul evolution. She also reconnects you to loved ones on Earth and within the higher realms, healing karmic rifts in relationships and twin flame connections. This Ascended Master works with the Fourth Ray of purity, love and harmony, and also with the Emerald Ray of Mastership in healing.


The back of this template details channelled information on Ascended Master Mother Mary.

Mother Mary © Transference Healing Pty Ltd 2008 – Artwork by Helen Wells.

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