Sacred Oil Ain Soph


*Divine Goddess

AIN SOPH is the vessel of the divine Goddess and all the powers she bestows on Heaven and Earth. God, prior to his self-manifestation, was created by his dual counterpart, the Goddess. This creative process of transference, and all that manifests from the Void beyond comprehension, is AIN SOPH. She is the source from which all mysteries are sustained.

AIN SOPH represents the infinite and hidden aspects of God, incorporating all mystical teachings held within the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life. She is the creative force through which the creation of God’s light and kingdoms comes into form, including the purification and transference effects that enable healing within all forms of matter. She orchestrates the cycles of rebirth and continued evolution not only for us, but for all life that constitutes our dimension and its parallel worlds. She is the point or womb from which the unlimited resources of our Universe birth.

Combined with its crystalline properties, this sacred oil has a beautiful and refreshing scent that creates purification and a sense of rebirth. When used as a perfume or sacred oil for meditation, ritual or prayer, this aromatic blend cocoons you within the nurturing elements of nature, awakening your psyche to new experiences that inspire your reconnection to the Mother of all creation; the eternal Goddess. It enhances healing, psychic awareness, prosperity and creative powers, while encouraging deeper feelings of love and intimacy.

15ml glass bottle with roll on applicator.


Essential Oils of Rose, Lavender, Vanilla and Sandalwood, with a Sweet Almond Oil base.


AIN SOPH, Limitless One, Creator of God and source of all existence,

You are the vessel of eternity, and the womb of my own divine presence.

Your unconditional love radiates light into all manifested things.

Through your illumination, all pain dissolves and I am healed.

The mysteries are unveiled as my mind awakens through your divine grace.

You bestow within me the power to CREATE.

Through you, AIN SOPH, I embrace my infinite and divine Christ Self.

I now radiate my light out into the world.

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai ‘Tsebayoth.

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