Sacred Oil Isis


*Fertility & Enlightenment

This rich, musky blend awakens a deeper connection to the energies of the Goddess, Isis, who is the mythological feminine archetype of creation.

In the Egyptian Book of the Dead she is described as “she who gives birth to Heaven and Earth”. As a vessel for fertility, she yields the powers of transference and alchemy. These qualities are symbolised by the Ankh, with which she is often depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphs.

When used as a perfume or sacred oil for meditation, ritual or prayer, the exotic aroma and crystalline frequencies of this sacred oil encourage you to embrace the magical and alchemical powers that the Isis personifies, revitalising your spirit and supporting holistic wellness. It also opens your senses to the powers of the Feminine Principle; the archetypal Goddess or Mother. This awakens intuition, psychic abilities, feelings of love and creative or nurturing attributes; spiritual powers personified by the High Priestess. These are all attributes personified as the metaphorical Goddess within all of us.

*15ml glass bottle with roll on applicator


Essential oils of Patchouli, Rose and Musk, with a Sweet Almond Oil base.


Goddess Isis,

I am healed through the powers of alchemy.

I conceive and create.

I awaken.

I embody the Light and am blessed by the powers of the Goddess.

Glory to the Goddess.

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