Sacred Oil Quan Yin


*Vessel of Compassion

This sacred oil awakens a deeper connection to the energies of the Goddess Quan Yin, vessel of compassion. Through her divine presence you are supported to heal grief and embrace feelings of forgiveness. Quan Yin heals painful emotions and symptoms within the body and consciousness, and guides you to feel a deeper connection to divine spiritual forces symbolised by the “Tree of Life”. This alchemical force purifies feelings of struggle and suffering.

When used as a perfume or sacred oil for meditation, ritual or prayer, this earthy and beautiful combination of essential oils has a gentle and nurturing impact on the body and consciousness. Combined with its crystalline properties and the White Lotus essential oil, it supports you to feel uplifted, while still remaining grounded in a sacred and pure vibration that encourages a sense of peace and serenity. This beautiful sacred oil encourages new levels of healing, clarity and heightened awareness.

15ml glass bottle with roll on applicator.


Essential oils of White Lotus, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang and Lime, with a Sweet Almond and Jojoba Oil base.


Quan Yin, lotus jewel,

Awaken within my heart your divine light.

Feelings of forgiveness birth as I heal past pain.

I purify struggle.

I find serenity and peace.

A deep, enriching sense of love and compassion awakens within me.

Quan Yin, through your divine grace and the magic of Gaia, I heal.

I now radiate love and light.



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