Sacred Oil Queen of Sheba


*Majesty & Intimacy

This sacred oil awakens a deeper connection to the Queen of Sheba, ancient ruler of the East and consort of King Solomon. Invoked by the uplifting and intoxicating aroma of this sacred oil, her support helps you to recognise the desires of the heart and soul, creating a flow of energy that supports healing and the embracement of sensuality in your relationship. This sacred energy also evolves the emotions so fulfilling relationships can manifest in your life.

This aromatic blend includes the Tuberose, which is a night-blooming flower referred to as “Queen of the night”. It enhances a connection to the moon, awakening the psyche and enhancing feelings of love and desire. In combination with rose and lemon essential oils, and its programmed crystalline properties, this exotic sacred oil also encourages you to find and embrace your personal power, and to hold your sense of self as a vessel of the Feminine Principle. This supports you to utilise your personal and spiritual power for success in your endeavours. The Queen of Sheba sacred oil has a rich, natural aroma that empowers purification rituals, and supports your personal and spiritual life.

15ml glass bottle with roll on applicator.


Essential oils of Tuberose, Rose and Lemon with a Sweet Almond Oil base.


Queen of Sheba,

Vessel of intimacy and success,

Create a divine, sensual flow of energies within my relationship.

Help me to radiate my spiritual and personal power.

Enrich my life with love and abundance.

Blessed Queen of Sheba,

Support my ritualistic powers to enhance spiritual and personal empowerment.

Blessings to the Goddess.

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