Sacred Oil St Joan of Arc


**Prayer, Courage & Faith

This sacred oil awakens a deeper connection to St. Joan of Arc, the prophesised saviour. Joan of Arc was a peasant girl who believed that God had chosen her to lead France to victory in its long-running war with England. With enduring faith and through consult with St. Catherine, St. Margaret and Archangel Michael, she rallied the French and achieved a momentous victory over the English. Joan was eventually captured by Anglo-Burgundian forces, tried for witchcraft and heresy, and burned at the stake. She was 19 years old when she died. By the time she was officially canonised in 1920, the Maid of Orléans (as she was known) had long been considered one of history’s greatest saints.

This combination of Rose, Gardenia, White Lotus and Lemon creates a delicate yet empowering scent that invokes the qualities of St. Joan of Arc. When used as a perfume or sacred oil for meditation, ritual or prayer, its aroma and crystalline frequencies connect you to her divine presence, encouraging you to feel faith, enhancing your courage, and supporting you to trust in spiritual guidance.

This sacred oil opens you up to the guidance of St. Joan of Arc and her spiritual aids. It dissolves fear, helps you to hold your light at times of initiation or change, and strengthens your commitment to personal and spiritual endeavours. Through the divine guidance invoked by this beautiful aromatic blend, your gifts and talents are supported to manifest. This oil enhances your ability to be inspired by the Saints and Angels that exist in the higher realms for the revelation of your life’s journey and spiritual purpose.

15ml glass bottle with roll on applicator.


Essential oils of Rose, Gardenia, Lemon and White Lotus, with a Sweet Almond and Jojoba Oil base.


St. Joan of Arc,

Through you I embrace the power of prayer.

I connect to the realms of the saints and angels.

I follow their guidance.

I now find the courage to resolve pain and find resolution.

Through your divine grace, St Joan of Arc, I now embrace the faith of my heart.


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