Surrender Candle


This is a beautiful purple/pink candle that resonates with the Transference Healing Death/Rebirth Invocation, we call it our Surrender Candle.  It is so helpful at times when we know we need to surrender, and go into that deep place of receptivity, to do our inner work.

Comes with a printed card with the Transference Healing ‘Surrender’ invocation, channelled by Alexis Cartwright, to read each time you light the candle, to help to let go and connect to your higher self and the light.

o achieve a beautiful divine feminine flower effect, burn your Magdalene candle non-stop for about 4-5 hours each time. Keep the wick in the middle of the candle, and trim carefully to avoid too high a flame.  Made with a combination of clean, unpolluted waxes.

Large Candle:  290mm, 140 hrs burn-time

Small Candle:  190mm,  90 hrs burn-time

Please note:  There is a minimum order of two candles for postage.

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