You'll Know you're ready if...

you’re seeking a rapid process of personal growth & spiritual awakening


  • you truly want to heal yourself of the big things
  • you’ve been working at feeling better from the inside out, and want to break through your blocks & limitations
  • you love the mysteries of the Universe & the ancient wisdom, and are fascinated by signs and symbols
  • you’re ready for a deeper understanding of the energy systems of the body & lightbody, you want to know about the ‘new anatomy’
  • you can’t get enough information about the stars, the crystals, the elementals, nature & our global grid, and want to know how to work with their frequencies
  • you love to help yourself with energetic procedures, and are ready to use frequency healing to create a powerful impact on body, mind & soul
  • you really want to make sense of the BIG questions like; why are we here? what is our purpose for coming to earth?
  • you’re intrigued about becoming a vessel for the light
  • you know you are here on earth to self master
  • you’re drawn to the Goddess teachings, and the feminine principal
  • you’re really willing to change, change how you feel from within
  • you’re prepared to create an impact on family, friends & loved ones through your own energetic and spiritual growth
  • you’ve dabbled in energy work and its time to find a pathway that brings all you’ve learned together, in a higher vibration
  • you just know its time. 

If you're resonating

trust your higher self.take a leap of faith.take the next step
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