You'll Know you're ready if...

you’ve done a lot of energetic work on yourself already, and want to learn more about the lightbody: the purity of the light, light technology, and you’re in love with the cosmos – the cosmic worlds and their beings


  • you have completed the Fundamental Training, or are about to attend it
  • you’ve been working on spiritual empowerment, and want to break through your blocks & limitations
  • you love the mysteries of the Universe & the ancient wisdom, and are fascinated by signs and symbols
  • you’re ready for a deeper understanding of the energy systems of the body & lightbody, you want to know about the ‘new anatomy’
  • you can’t get enough information about the stars, the crystals, the elementals, nature & our global grid, and want to know how to work with their frequencies
  • you love to help yourself with high frequency energetic procedures, and are ready to use frequency healing to create a powerful impact on body, mind & soul & spirit
  • you really want to make sense of the BIG questions like; why are we here? what is our purpose for coming to earth?
  • you’re intrigued about becoming a vessel for the light
  • you know you are here on earth to self master
  • you’re drawn to the Goddess teachings, and the feminine principal
  • you’re really willing to co-create your lightbody, and co-create your new Aquarian age reality
  • you’re prepared for your light to create a big impact on family, friends & loved ones through your own energetic and spiritual growth
  • You’re ready to embody a much higher frequency & vibration
  • you just know its time to elevate & expand into the divinity of your higher self

If you're resonating

trust your higher self.take a leap of faith.take the next step

Make a start with Transference Healing technology

If you’d like to delve into the heart based Transference Healing technology of light, both of the publications below will help you to get started, and are jam packed full of sacred information.  

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