Creating Your Sacred Space


Manifest a gentle feeling of Purity & Light

There are many components to creating and sustaining a sacred space, it’s an art and a practise to keep up a high vibe. At Halo Avalon we take pride in our daily Temple regime, honouring the connection to nature, the elements and the elemental beings.  We start every day with a cleansing & connecting ritual.

Here’s just some of our ideas based in Transference Healing® principals, that we hope may help you. 

Maintain a High Frequency environment

At Halo Avalon we know what it takes to keep a clear light high vibration.

For us, it involves energetic clearing rituals with fire & smoke, plus uplifting the vibration with energy work, colour & sound frequencies and of course using the best cleanser available – water – through regular use of our Transference Healing® Purification Sprays.   

We have tools and supplies that really work, so that you can keep a high vibe home for yourself too. 


Our favourite ways to clear space is by using sage & resins, and Transference Healing® Purification Sprays, using the best natural cleanser available - water - each Spray has its own unique effect.


Once clear, then template your environment, by bringing in nature & natural elements like fire & water, and adding coded objects like crystals, or sacred geometry in the form of art of templates. 

The Altar

The star of your sacred space is the Altar.  Purposefully placed meaningful objects can hold and develop an energetic charge.  We love crystals with the addition of a statue of a deity, animal of power, angel or an icon. 

We welcome you into our pure high frequency sacred space, the experience truly is everything.  

First - Clear The Vibration


Keeping your environment energetically clear

The gentle action of taking time to purify your home, your office, your healing room or meditation room will have a positive impact on your psyche, helping you to move further into your heart and your higher self. It makes you feel good.

At the minimum, we recommend the use of white T-lights. Three white candles (or T-lights) together, when burning create a clear and pure vibration that is protective and also transmutes old negative energies and lower vibrations. Remember, every day of our life, all of us – simply because we FEEL, we are releasing old lower vibrations out into our environment, and unless cleared can build up, and create a feeling of low energy, or even negativity and unhappiness. Negative words create negative energy, and the universe always responds to the energy that is around us, so its key to constantly clear and lift our space.

We keep 3 t-lights burning in beautiful candle holders at all times, at home on a sacred altar, and in our temple. We LOVE candles, and have a range of exquisite coloured candles in the Temple Shop, please enquire, they will be available online soon.

We highly recommend regular use of our Transference Healing® Purification Sprays to lift the vibration, using the medium of water, see the links below. Smells that come from pure oils and plants hold pure vibrations, that add to the geometric resonance of your space.

purification sprays

purify & lift in frequency through the medium of the water element

Sacred Space Candles

This is our SURRENDER Candle and we also have Mary Magdalene .

Incense & Holders

create a soft calm vibration, through earth & fire elements

The star
of your sacred space

the Altar

"templating" Your Sacred Space

In addition to keeping your home clear energetically, templating your space brings in higher geometric proportion to create a grid like effect. Our goal is to align with the higher geometric proportions of the Universe.

Each of the Transference Healing® Templates below hold a unique high vibrational frequency, that will beautifully uplift the vibe of your space. Whether they are framed and placed on the wall, or whether they are laminated and come out at certain times, they will usher in a pure vibration, each setting a specific geometric template, creating a more divine connection to the higher frequencies filtering in to support the ascension.

We recommend working with each unique template that you feel drawn to. Click on the links below to read more about them.

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