Etheric Temple Events


“Its traditional … through many ancient lineages, to have regular time in the bliss of the Temple.

If you can’t come in person, I welcome you into our 7th dimensional Temple in the etheric, within the sacred Glastonbury/Avalon Grid vortex.
Go here to read more about the energies of this location.

I know you’ll receive the divine feminine frequencies, teachings & high vibrations as purely as if you were here with us in person.”

The details

You will be Called in 'absentee'

  • At the beginning of the event, through ritual, your energy field will be called in, and then returned at the end of the Event. 
  • please send your full name and location for our calling in purposes

MP3 delivered to your inbox

  • Your MP3 recording will come via ‘Hightail’, so please look out for it in your inbox, about 24 hours after the Event. 
  • Receive a powerful energetic healing shift each time your listen to the recording of the healing frequencies direct from the heart of Glastonbury/Avalon.
  • If you do not receive the MP3 within 48 hours, please email

Approximate Timings

  • The Group Temple Event will run from around 1pm till 3:30pm UK time. (Go here for time conversion in your location)
  • If you feel drawn to go into meditation, we’ll start around 1:15pm, and generally have a short bathroom break at 2:45’ish, though as always trust your own inner guidance for timings.  You will always receive exactly what you need in alignment with divine will.
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