Train With Alexis Cartwright


learn directly from a living spiritual Master

Starts 21st June 2024

3 day Fundamental Training

21st-23rd June 24

Live Streamed Online

2 day Advanced Training

25th-26th June 24

Live Streamed Online

1 day Teacher Training

28th June 24

Live Streamed Online

*anyone can learn*

gain the knowledge & skill to run a series of high frequency techniques that create alchemy & healing

Fundamental & Advanced Training are at the heart of Transference Healing.

Be energetically templated into the Transference Healing lineage, personally by Alexis

Its Not An Ordinary Training....

Lets face it, its not every day that you get to be in the presence of a true Master.

Not  only does Alexis channel the Transference Healing teachings through her higher self and oversoul, and utilises her causal chakra – often times she taps into and utilises one dimensional consciousness to impart the expansiveness of what she understands of us as both human and divine beings. 

This means that a pure high frequency and very divine energy runs behind her words from the moment she begins teaching.

And, at the same time she is teaching the many multi-dimensional aspects of you at once.

This is so unique. And advanced.

Your mind body soul & spirit responds, whether you understand consciously or not, and takes in the light technology in such a way that you are able to, over time, absorb  and comprehend what you’ve learned. 


After studying with Alexis since around 1998, I’ve come to see that its the energy that creates all the magic of transformation in our lives: 

its when we go home and run the techniques on ourselves that we alchemically purify and slowly embody the light behind what’s she shares;

AND then it’s the knowledge that we learn through her – about the consciousness that each technique holds and how it all works – combined with the light – that gives us the know how so we can over time embody,

in that we gain our own direct accessibility – to the universe, and all the subtle refined elements that we need not only for our alchemical healing, but also our ascension AND to embrace our divinity..

The Transference Healing process pushes us through a level of emotional and spiritual growth, which in turn supports our own self self mastery journey to flourish. 

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