Transference Healing Workshops


I’m passionate about showing you how you can heal yourself using the amazing Transference Healing energetic techniques.  Our workshops guide you to use your own natural gifts & talents in an empowering way, giving you tools & practises to take away your blocks and pain, and continue to expand you beyond, the more you practice.  So you can be who you’re meant to be.

Beyond Doorways

This brilliant workshop teaches you to work with content of Beyond Doorways at home. Day 1 outlines a series of self healing procedures to co-create alchemy & break down blocks in your mind body soul & spirit. Day 2 begins higher Mystery School & introduces Atlantean Gridding technique.


Animal Magic

Learn to work more intimately with the Transference Healing Animal Magic deck of divination cards, to get more out of them at home in support of your ascension, and self healing. Connect to the vibrations of the elemental & mythical beings PLUS learn the 'Sacred Circle of Fire' for astral purification.


Child of Light

A soft yet powerful day energetically, to learn to work with the unique frequencies required for the new Crystal Children to stay balanced and elevated in the light AND at the same time, connect you into the global grid matrix in such a way that it supports the healing of your own inner child.


Customers reviews

What people say?

Rena has been my Transference Healing teacher for 6 years and I have been blessed to access full Transference Healings, Channelled Reading & Divine Healings, in person workshops, 1:1 teachings and online workshops and I must say the experience is life changing for me. The energy is light and pure love and unlike anything that I’ve experienced before, the temple at Halo Avalon feels like home and takes you somewhere beautiful. Rena is incredibly supportive, understanding and holds you with love which allowed me to work through and clear painful patterns and blockages within myself. My life has turned around through a deeper connection to the light and simply being open to receive, I now operate a successful business, my relationships are healthier, I’ve discovered a profound relationship with nature which as a city girl I never thought possible, and most importantly I am getting to know myself on a deeper and more meaningful level. If you are ready for profound change then Rena and her beautiful temple at Halo Avalon is right for you, take a leap of faith, stay open and embrace the wonderous energy of Transference Healing.
Lisa L
london, uk
The Beyond Doorways workshop changed me. I use the techniques twice a week and i feel so much more in harmony with myself.
Yorkshire, UK
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