Graduate & Practitioner


As a HaloAvalon Graduate of Transference Healing® Fundamental training, you are entitled to attend a series of ‘Graduate Only’ workshops, designed to fast-track your learning experience through the lineage, to get you to where you want to be both in your own self healing journey, and embodiment of the wisdom contained within the Transference Healing® universal teachings.

These workshops are taught in a higher frequency, and energetically hold you through your empowerment and embodiment process, helping to continually grid in the higher codes of light.


  • Holding Power of Light Workshop
  • Mastering as a Transference Healing® Professional Workshop
  • Rays & Masters Workshop
  • Merkabah Workshop
  • Transference Healing® Graduates Follow-Up day Revision

Full day ‘Graduate & Practitioner’ Workshops are held regularly.   Upon completion of the Fundamental Training you will be granted access to the HaloAvalon Graduates Portal for all the details, and will be personally invited to each event.

(Please note:  if you are already a Transference Healing® Graduate please go the HaloAvalon Graduates portal, and see the Graduates Calendar page for upcoming dates, or email if you’d like access to this)

Beyond Fundamental Training


As you run the Fundamental procedures over a period of time, you will go through a natural purification process and embody profound changes and frequency shifts, lift in your consciousness and awareness, grow and evolve as you begin to master the energy within yourself. Deeply held fear that has blocked your growth, will start to be released as you shift any distortion that may come into your body, consciousness or reality, using the Fundamental procedures to support you. Our physical body is the vessel to heal our soul, so learning the Fundamentals procedures is such an empowering step in your self healing.

At some divine point in time, when you are ready, the more advanced level higher frequencies of Transference Healing® will begin to anchor in. At this time you will be divinely guided to go through certain levels of initiations to hold higher frequencies of light. You may start to feel ‘limited’, on some level, with the energy and you will have a knowing that you need to bring in the higher frequencies. At this point you will step into the Advanced Level Training. This training will provide you with the procedures to work more directly with cosmic frequencies and the Lightbody system, a process that is critical at this point in time. You will become more of service and you will qualify to be a Transference Healing® Practitioner. 

Transference Healing


The lineage of Transference Healing® offers one of many pathways to ascension, a pathway to deepen your commitment to spirit and to thy self.

Being of service at this wonderful time on Earth through the lineage of Transference Healing® brings many rewards: a rapid pathway to self mastery; spiritual empowerment; a deeper connection to and embodiment of the higher self; a reconnection to unique gifts and talents; anchoring of the Lightbody and Christbody…and all the learning curves that may accompany such a magical journey. And, although the lineage lays out a very structured pathway and system for ascension, there is a huge space for the individual to evolve into their own unique and divine self whilst mastering so rapidly.

Primarily, as it is a lineage of empowerment all go through a natural initiation process, orchestrated from within, creating a purification process to allow one to eventually begin to own, work with, understand, refine and embody their natural and divine spiritual power. The sacred teachings, procedures and griddings offer a step by step pathway, that after a period of time, one begins to express and work with their innate gifts and talents. The frequencies within Transference Healing® create this organic pathway for one to follow and ascend through, like climbing Jacobs ladder, allowing this natural clearing, unfolding and corresponding awakening. All practitioners and teachers themselves go through such a speedy process, learning very quickly through their own journey, the way to embody spiritual empowerment.

Internally, this develops ones healing ability, greatly enhancing the healing impact on yourself, on others and on the Earth.

Due to the technology encoded within the energy itself and the spiritual principals that are practiced, honoured and taught, we believe in years to come, Transference Healing® will be known universally for its distinctive lightbody technology, and the teachings of the step by step process of integration of electromagnetic energy, ether and light, and the corresponding alchemy required at the physical level to facilitate a rapid ascension. Our salvation, as a human race, will be by going through this journey of integration of light and consciousness, as there are so many factors that come into play to enable this to happen . Transference Healing® sheds a light on this ancient pathway in such a way that makes a pure ascension accessible for all.

Unfolded within the higher level teachings, are the mysteries of the core belief systems from the previous six Golden Ages, awakening a unified universal belief system and re-awakening a line of Goddess teachings that both transcends all religion and unites all belief systems.

The symbol of the Star of David in the Transference Healing® Master Christ Template set reflects this unification of heaven and earth, unification of the lightbody with the physical body, and the unification of the “head” and “heart”. This unification, is further expressed within the energy itself as it is a unification of many indigenous, shamanic, cosmic and physical healing modalities, woven together to create a multi dimensional frequency healing modality that is of the light.

There are so many aspects and so much complexity to the lineage of Transference Healing®, that it is impossible to express on this website, though like everything, once mastered to a certain level, it seems to become simple.

If you feel drawn to learn more about this holy and divine lineage, or if you feel ready to take your next step on your spiritual empowerment pathway, come in person to experience the transformative power of the energy for yourself, or email to book a 1:1 healing.

“We honour and give thanks to Alexis Cartwright, the channel, anchor and founder of Transference Healing®. Through her tireless dedication and connection to Spirit, to the Goddess, and to the Light, she has co- created a pathway for humanity to ascend into the next dimension and beyond.”

Transference Healing Professional Development


Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that you’re fulfilling your soul’s calling, working with your divine talents, running a thriving spirit driven business, AND achieving both spiritual and financial success.

Our Transference Healing® Professional Lightworkers Success Program delivers the professional results you are after.

Please note we are currently full, and will be commencing our next Program shortly.

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