Alchemical Transfusion


Group Alchemy Meditation
& 1:1 Channelled Reading

This beautiful event is all about the refined alchemy that can be absorbed whilst being suspended in this holy vibration of creation. 

Together in long & deep meditation, we touch the creative principal of our Universe, and go beyond – into the womb of Ain Soph, the most holy profound divine feminine vibration we can hit on this earthly plane.

I’ve found that the more we can surrender and touch this potent divine feminine force of the creative principal and beyond into Ain Soph, the more we can enhance our divine capacity to co-create with the Universe.

Receive & Absorb

The Alchemical Transfusion event is for you to RECEIVE.  Through the guided meditation, you will be taken deep into a state of receptivity and held in a divine vibration, to receive and absorb refined subtle elements from the universe, beyond the void.  Feeding light and subtle pranic elements into your lightbody system, supporting your own divine creation process.

You will receive all that you need to co-create your future reality,  not only for health & wellness but also enhancing your capacity to create in alignment with the universe. 

The energy of each Alchemical Transfusion & Holy Light Infusion Temple Event is always the same, a beautiful infusion of pure Goddess light.   

  • the event begins with a short channelled message for the group about the current energies that are filtering into this plane, and how that’s impacting humanity right now 
  • our ritual then begins with a holy oil anointing, using the precious Ain Soph Transference Healing Sacred Oil, the scent guiding us to open up our psyche for the inner journey ahead through the realms
  • we slip into a guided 45 minute meditation, reaching beyond the void into the creative principal of our universe, to touch the Divine feminine vibration of Ain Soph
  • each person then steps forward to receive their mini Channelled Reading & Divine Healing, complete with  divined Transference Healing elemental being reading and individual Transference Healing Platonic Solid Lightbody Essence (approx 10 minutes each)

PLUS be suspended in this most holy and divine light frequency with a moment of inner quiet to receive your own creative downloads.

We invite you to return to the way of the ancient cultures – they knew of the importance of ‘Temple Time’ – a regular time of surrender, to let go, to go into receptivity and receive from the Universe.

Invocation, by Alexis Cartwright

Ain Soph

Limitless One, Creator of God and source of all existence,

You are the vessel of eternity, and the womb of my own divine presence.

Your unconditional love radiates light into all manifested things.

Through your illumination, all pain dissolves and I am healed.

The mysteries are unveiled as my mind awakens through your divine grace.

You bestow within me the power to CREATE.

Through you, AIN SOPH, I embrace my infinite and divine Christ Self.

I now radiate my light out into the world.

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai ‘Tsebayoth.

The Way of Divine Healing

The magic of this Event occurs whilst being suspended in the light beyond the creative principal. You are illuminated by the light of creation, and cacooned in the holy waters of Aine Soph for the ‘alchemical transfusion’ to take place.

In this pure unconditional love vibration, you simply let go and receive. Your heart clears and opens, triggering the release of past life memory codes.  Distortion instantly releases.

Pure alchemy occurs as you absorb the subtle and refined pranic elements and crystalline light, the divine feminine vibrations of the creative principal and pure nutrients of Aine Soph from her womb of creations

The more you surrender, the more you receive.



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Customers reviews

What people say?

Thank you so much for the energy at your Alchemical Transfusion Event, i didn't know what to expect, but I felt myself drink in such divine feminine vibrations, deep nourishment into my soul and spirit, the meditation was sublime. I could see the Universe providing me with all that i need for my future.
Paris, France
Gosh. Well that was magical. I didn't think that i'd get so much out of it, its hard to put into words, but I'll definitely come again when I'm in Glastonbury next. Thank you for the light & insight, I really needed it.
Inverness, Scotland
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