Animal Magic


Experience the mystery that the Animal Magic cards hold

During your ascension, as you purify and become more empowered, you will utilise your intuition & sensory perception on a heightened level, and your psyche will begin to awaken. It’s at this time that many things change within you, and you may be called to utilise the transformational & clearing effect that the Animal Magic cards represent as a whole. 

This workshop teaches you how to gain invaluable accessibility into the very hidden and sacred kingdoms of the elemental and mythical realms.  With regular use of the Transference Healing Animal Magic deck of Ascension cards, combined with the practises learned on the day, you’re able to to develop a deeper ongoing love and connection with these beautiful and powerful hidden worlds. 

The day is filled with opportunities to work personally with your own deck of Animal Magic Ascension cards, so please bring your own deck with you. 

You will receive the following BONUS inclusions:

  • Animal Magic Workshop Manual
  • Animal Magic Tarot Bag containing the tools you need to run a Circle of Fire
  • 13 gridding crystals, a selenite wand and sage (actual sizes, formats, folders and colours may vary)

(Please Note: This workshop does not include the Transference Healing® Animal Magic deck of divination cards, please click here to purchase this independently preferably prior to the Workshop)

Access shamanic energies through the cards

As you learn to use the cards during the workshop, the shamanic energies slowly become more accessible.  They will help you to connect to spirit. 

And through this, over time you’re supported to clear the lower attributes of self, creating a natural purification of the lower I AM, so that you can make profound transformational changes.

In doing so, you will naturally awaken and illuminate your divine powers.

*Find your way to commune directly with the Goddess via these powerful Kingdoms*

Empower your Divination skills

Fun exercises throughout the day will help you to gain valuable insight and support for your intuitive reading, you'll learn to trigger the wisdom of your higher self to come through with more clarity, so you can trust it.

Be Introducted to the Divine Kingdoms

Get to intimately meet the 8 beloved elemental beings & 8 very powerful mythical beings. Receive sacred & treasured insight into their magic, and how they create alchemy for healing & empowerment.

Lift & Lighten your Astral plane

Learn to tap into the astral realms through your lightbody, and understand how to gain a greater impact astrally as you use the cards. PLUS learn to create an etheric ritual Circle of Fire for astral purification.

This is a truly magical and light filled day.  We’ll play in the animal, elemental and mythical worlds remembering and honouring our deep love of nature and Gaia’s kingdoms.



Full Payment




OVer time

As you begin to Master the Animal Magic Frequencies

You begin to refine your lower astral body, for the integration with the higher astral plane. 

At this point, you gain access through the Goddess’s hidden doorways into sacred realms, to learn directly through nature and the elements themselves, and be able to activate alchemical resources through this connection. You can become exceptionally spiritually empowered, as your psyche develops more over time, becoming a pure vessel for the Goddess and her kingdoms. 

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