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Learn to heal yourself using frequency & light

Our world is changing, and our need to create wellness from within is stronger than ever.  This day concentrates on specific chapters of the Beyond Doorways book, by Alexis Cartwright, and will broaden perceptions on what true healing is. You will be attentively guided through essential energetic techniques that will change you, and your life. 

Practical Energetic Techniques That Work

This workshop is designed to support you to delve more deeply into the self-healing procedures within the book ‘Beyond Doorways – the Mysteries Revealed’ by Alexis Cartwright. It is advisable that everyone who receives regular Transference Healing sessions consider attending this workshop to support their own self healing journey.

You’ll learn about the divine forces supporting the changes occurring within our dimension as a whole, to support your faith & trust in the Universe.  Helping you to see the ‘bigger picture’ of how & why the Earth and humanity is ascending at this time into the new dimension, the new reality & world.

Though many of the procedures in this workshop can be practised by purchasing the Beyond Doorways book, attending this workshop templates and grids you into the frequencies, supporting you to fully understand its technology and embody it in your life and world.

(Please complete Level 1 before attending Level 2)


energetic techniques that create alchemy & healing

Go home after the training with your Transference Healing Beyond Doorways TrainingManual, which contains simple, easy to follow and effective procedures that you can use to heal yourself, family friends and loved ones.

Understand core information about our new earth

During this day you'll work with the beautiful elements of nature, and obtain a divine connection to them & the new dimension wer'e living in . You'll understand core information related to this new Earth & new dimension plus the Global Grid matrix.

Experience your own internal 'next level' healing & Upgrade

During the day, you are encouraged to allow the light to change you and are taught to understand your divine purification process occurring, so you can release and transform into a higher version of yourself.

If you’re ready for healing and change, willing to use energetic resources from nature & the universe, and know you want to be in a higher vibration, this is the workshop for you.  What learn in a day will last you a lifetime.

Transference Healing Beyond Doorways  Workshop

Receive these Bonus Inclusions

  • Transference Healing Beyond Doorways Lvl 1 Workshop Manual
  • 1 x full colour workshop templates
  • Beyond Doorways Lightbody Kit of 15 x vibrational essences
  • Please note the workshop does NOT included the Beyond Doorways book, please purchase independantly





Full Payment






We start at 10am and finish at 6pm, with morning & afternoon tea break, plus an hour for lunch.  We ask you to arrive promptly at the Temple by 9:45am so that we may all relax and gently prepare to start together on time at 10am.  We may fnish a little afer 6pm, so please allow your timing afterwards to be flexible, allowing for energetic integration.


Please bring a journal to write in, you may want to capture your revelations and take notes on the many new concepts you’ll learn. We also recommend you bring a shawl, your body temperature may go up & down whilst you’re in the energy.

do i need to do any other training prior?

No, anyone can learn to run the procedures, at any level of spiritual growth or development.  You will leave this Training having learned all the energetic procedures in your Beyond Doorways Training Manual, so that when you get home, you can follow them step by step.  All Transference Healing workshops work together seamlessly, so you can attend them in any order. However, please attend Beyond Doorways Lvl 1 befor attending Beyond Doorways Lvl 2.


That truly is perfect, this is your subtle sensory awareness attuning to the Transference Healing frequencies. Take a moment to get still and tune in to feel your inner self, listen to the whispers of your soul. Often times people will bring up emotion as they feel a resonance to stepping into this life changing Training.   


Everyone has their own unique journey during the day because fundamentally its such a profound day of healing. You will be suspended in very pure high frequency light and you will have a response to that light. Some people feel blissful and energised, some people feel very internal and quiet.  We encourage you to go with all that you’re feeling as part of your purification and integration of light, to let the light change you. We will talk more about this process during your Training.

Is it OK TO GO STRAIT ONTO Beyond Doorways 2

Yes, it is totally fine and for many attending Day 2 immediately after Day 1 feels perfectly natural.  They go beautifully together, Day 2 goes further into the Mystery School vibrations, which you are prepared for by attending Day 1.

Optional Tools that support Beyond Doorways Frequencies

Customers reviews

What people say?

Wow. What an experience, the energy that came through shifted something that i'm still reeling from. I know that this change will ripple out to help me to finally step into me, and who I truly am.  Its been a long time coming. Thank you so much.
bucks, uk
We came all the way to Halo Avalon in Glastonbury to get the book “Beyond Doorways”. It really is a book of enlightenment and rather life changing. Thank you.
Nottingham, UK

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