Channelling & Anointing


Group Channelled transmission,
anointing &
Pentagram Meditation

This event is all about the channelled transmission. Held on high & holy days, Nareena-Gaia connects to an aspect of her oversoul ‘Ana of Magdala’ to channel a message relevant to the Group, from the holy family.

Brings you closer to your own divine nature within yourself.

A holy vibration comes through with a blessing – a feeling of untainted spiritual purity that feels angelic and even saintly.

Awakens a deeper heart felt connection to the Ascended Master that we are working with on the day.

Priestess through eternity have used sacred ritual oils for anointing, to open and consecrate.

During our prayerful ceremony, we’ll use the aromatic and crystalline Transference Healing Sacred Oils, and their associated invocation. 

Each Temple Event is divinely inspired, in alignment with the universal frequencies filtering through at the time…  

yet the format is always the same:

  • we begin with a short message about the Master that we’re working with, and the relevance of their connection on the day
  • we follow with a ritual anointing, using a precious Transference Healing sacred Anointing oil, the scent evoking a depth of ancient memory
  • this opens up for a unique ‘in the moment’ channelled transmission to come through, messages relevant for the soul group that gathers on the day
  • we complete with a pentagram crystal gridding meditation to bring us into a state of absolute balance

Receive channelled transmissions & beautiful wisdom from the holy family to reconnect to the pure Mystic Christianity teachings of the divine feminine principal.

we invite you to return to the ancient way of 'temple time' - a regular time of surrender, to let go, relax into receptivity to absorb from the divine & resource through the light

enter avalon

Experience the Higher Realms of Glastonbury


The Golden Age of Avalon exists on a higher plane, so easily accessed through the Glastonbury grid now. Avalon is a beautiful interconnecting reality of incredible inner temples and inner kingdoms and pure angelic vibrations that gets ‘pushed out’ into the world via the Mary & Michael lines.

As we tap into these higher realms, profound heart and soul healing can happen. During the Channelling & Anointing Temple Ritual we’ll absorb the consciousness that was embodied during that time of Merlin & King Arthur & Morgan le Fey, which is so necessary for us to embody now, that balanced heart based androgynous way.  And we’ll make our own deeper connection to what Glastonbury represents, that magical pathway that we go through to finally embody the Christ ‘IAM’ presence.


Walk the Higher Path of Direct Connection

This offering is for those who willingly walk the higher path of direct connection, the path for full embodiment of the higher self. It’s for those who are already able to hear the voice of their higher self, and would like to be held in a pure high vibration to simply receive.

The ongoing infusions of holy light and the alchemy they create, combined with the messages that come through the channelled transmission, opens you up for your own revelations to guide you more masterfully through your own Holy Grail initiations, the higher maze of spiritual rites, for both integration of light and holding light.   


'Channelling & Anointing' Group Temple Ritual fee


Customers reviews

What people say?

Wow. What an experience, the energy that came through shifted something that i'm still reeling from. I know that this change will ripple out to help me to finally step into me, and who I truly am.  Its been a long time coming. Thank you so much.
bucks, uk
The Mother Mary channelling touched my soul, a soul memory was stirred which awakened a part of me that i had long been searching for. Gratitude xox
Bristol, UK
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