Child Of Light


Key to work with the unique Frequencies of Crystal children

Crystal Children have come through since 1999, though some were born earlier, they all embody our new and more enlightened chapter of human evolution. They hold the template of the new 5th dimensional global grid, which is etherically encoded within their heart chakra. This creates their unique consciousness & sensitivity, and is what enables them to create their unique healing impact that they have on the earth, and all those people in their lives.

During this light filled day, you’ll learn to support these beautiful complex beings, and heal your own inner child.

During this full day, you will be templated into the Transference Healing Child of Light frequencies. 

  • gain a deeper understanding of the Global Grid matrix, and the 5D grid that the crystal children are all a part of 
  • a Practical energetic procedure to run at home regularly on yourself and your children
  • a gridding technique to shift the frequency of your home into the 5th dimension
  • beautiful & light meditations come through on the day to connect into the unique crystalline vibrations

Receive channelled wisdom throughout the day, get to experience the Transference Healing Child of Light Purification Spray, play with the Child of Light Meditation Book & Card set AND meet other beautiful like minded souls who share similar ideals to create a better world for our children.  

Energetic Techniques for Parents Adults Carers & Grandparents

All Crystal children are instrumental to our evolution on earth.

This workshop teaches parents a range of energetic techniques to support Crystal Children, including a Transference Healing procedure channelled through the energetic influence of the planet Chiron. This procedure supports the earth’s Crystalline Grid Template to anchor in, and assists the integration of stellar/light and crystal frequencies into the sensitive body and consciousness of Crystal Children.

When children receive this procedure it helps them to hold higher frequencies of light so that they can continue evolving within a more heightened level of personal and spiritual growth/awareness. It also helps the children to have the necessary energetic resources available to preventatively care against lightbody symptoms.

While this procedure has a powerful and positive impact on Crystal Children, when performed on adults it brings deep healing to the etheric patterning clearing inner child pain, and enabling adults to explore inner child issues with greater ease.

Learn Practical energetic Healing Procedure

Run this simple high frequency technique on your child and/or yourself regularly to create stability, balance and a feeling of being safe in the earth.

Create a Crystal Grid for your home

This is a magical ancient Atlantean tool, that children think of as a crystal puzzle, to set up in your home that anchors you & your home into the 5th dimension.

Experience your own inner child healing

Attending as an adult ignites a profound healing of your own inner child, opening your heart and bringing a depth of understanding to our own childhood.

Attending the Child of Light workshop will bring great support for both children and adults, helping to anchor and sustain the new fifth dimensional grid. For adults this creates ease and flow in the new world, for children helps them to sustain their heightened level of balance.



Full Payment






Transference Healing Child of Light Workshop

Receive these Bonus Inclusions

  • Transference Healing Child of Light Workshop Manual
  • 2 x full colour workshop templates
  • a Platonic Solid Crystal Set
  • a Clear Quartz Generator Crystal to make your Child of Light Grid

Optional Tools to support Child of Light Frequencies

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