Children Of The Light


Many of the children born in the last ten to fifteen years are very special and “awakened” beings of light.

I see many of them as a “beacon of light” with their main purpose in coming to our earth being to escort us to the next level in our evolution, to reveal to all our inner divinity. They are a complex group of enlightened souls, many of them born since 1999, though some coming in before then, they are here as a group soul. Their combined force will not only sustain us in the light of the new dimension, but also hold the vision of peace, love and unity in their conscious awareness, guiding us, bit by bit, to create a reality of peace, love and unity in our own worlds. Sometimes guiding us gently, sometimes chaotically, but always with a force that is undeniable.

The fifth dimension is finally here. We are IN the pivotal point of this vital time of transition, passed the grand galactic alignment of 2012. Huge change is upon us, visible or not, a journey is unfolding for our earths deeper spiritual awakening, embodiment of the 5th dimension and birthing of the final Golden Age on earth.

Now more than ever, our children are our most enlightened teachers.

Within their energetic template, they are more unified – unconditional in their belief system; more creative and spiritual in nature and more balanced in their male/female selves. They have the inner strength and conviction to show humanity a whole new way of thinking, feeling, acting and being. Their consciousness is of the light.

No matter what is happening in your world, please take time out to honour the unique, rare and unusual ways in which your children, or children around you, push change and support us to embrace the new world and fifth dimension.

The renaissance is once again upon us, a time of rebirthing into a more elegant, refined and joyous life.

Over the upcoming years, as we birth a society that is not dominated by purely rational and logical thought, we will birth a society that is RECEPTIVE, open in heart and more receptive to higher learning. This will breed a whole new level of consciousness, as being receptive allows for original thought to once again enter the minds of women and men on earth. Being without the restraints of the old logical limited ways of thinking and learning that has dominated lower consciousness and our 3D way of living, restricting our evolution, once again we will be able to not only find solutions to existing concerns regarding the big issues of our planet – global warming – sustainable fuel sources – hunger starvation and poverty – BUT we will also create a higher frequency world that reflects the more balanced and evolved divine proportion of geometry into the earth plane. Creating majesty and grace that is of the light, creating societies that are of the light, and that enhance, honours values and respect life of all. Societies that respect and love one another, just like the visions the crystal children have bought to earth in their hearts and memories.

Allow your children to be the co creators of this new world, by giving them freedom of thinking, freedom of feeling and freedom of being. Fill them will positive affirmations, allowing them to be “right” no matter what is happening with them at school intellectually or how unusual their perspectives are. Remind them that intellectual pursuit is not the only way to be successful, happy or fulfilled. Give them permission and encouragement to be different. Have total faith and trust that the new world that they are growing up in will be a very different world than the one you have grown up in, and let go of your own fear of their “success” intellectually. Let them feel your faith in them.

Crystalline space is birthing in and around the planet in such a way that there are many people, and children, that are bringing through new and unique ways to anchor in this fifth dimension and Golden Age. It is simply time to go with, and support these magical ideas and unique ways of being that are birthing through our children… time to support the new, or sometimes what may seem crazy, ideas that our children are showing us.

Allow the light of the golden age to birth around you, through your children

Child Of Light Workshop


This Workshops is a powerful key to learn to work with the unique energies of Crystal Children AND to heal your own inner child.

Crystal Children are those children born since 1999, though some were born earlier than that, they all embody our new and more enlightened chapter of human evolution. They hold the template of the new fifth dimensional global grid, which is etherically encoded within their heart chakra. This creates their unique consciousness and sensitivity, and is what enables Crystal Children to create their unique healing impact that they have on the earth, and all those people in their lives.

All Crystal children are instrumental to our evolution on earth.

During this 1 day Workshop, you will learn:

This workshop teaches parents a range of energetic techniques to support Crystal Children, including a Transference Healing procedure channelled through the energetic influence of the planet Chiron. This procedure supports the earth’s Crystalline Grid Template to anchor in, and assists the integration of stellar/light and crystal frequencies into the sensitive body and consciousness of Crystal Children.

When children receive this procedure it helps them to hold higher frequencies of light so that they can continue evolving within a more heightened level of personal and spiritual growth/awareness. It also helps the children to have the necessary energetic resources available to preventatively care against lightbody symptoms.

While this procedure has a powerful and positive impact on Crystal Children, when performed on adults it brings deep healing to the etheric patterning clearing inner child pain, and enabling adults to explore inner child issues with greater ease.

Attending the Child of Light workshop will bring great support for both children and adults, helping you to anchor and sustain the new fifth dimensional grid. For adults this creates ease and flow in the new world, for children helps them to sustain their heightened level of balance.

Your investment: £425
Full Day workshop: ‘Child of Light’ workshop

(Please note: a £225 deposit is required 6 weeks before the date of this workshop)

Full Payment



  • Child of Light Workshop Manual
  • 2 x full colour workshop templates
  • Platonic Solids Crystal Set
  • a Clear Quartz Crystal

Heal Your Inner Child


Join us for an ONLINE course to truly heal your inner child & restore your purity of heart

As you heal through this self mastery journey, you will slowly integrate light and evolve into the qualities of a crystal child, restoring your divine potential. Bringing all parts of your inner self together in a holistic way, growing emotionally and spiritually, you can become the container of the self for yourself, bringing a clearer capacity to recognise and materialise your soul’s yearnings.

You can open your heart in a pure way, and at the same time become receptive to open a connection to the angelic kingdoms. Through this sacred right of passage, you can re-connect to the higher vibrations of global grid, weaving in the fifth dimensional crystal grid and the Christ grid. Consciously you’ll energetically be able tofind your place in the world around you, wherever you are – rebirthing an aspect of your more divine self, you are truly reborn as a ‘child of light’.

Merlin Magic - Crystal Child


The “Merlin Magic ~ Crystal Child” Group Healing is a special “Absentee” Group Healing, designed to support these unique ‘crystal’ children to sustain both a level of physical and emotional purity and equilibrium, and energetic integrity, by sustaining their innate connection to the new crystal and stellar 5th dimensional grid, which in turn supports them to retain their connection to the light.

We feel that by regularly attending these Group Healings the children retain their internal balance, peace and light with more ease as the world around them goes through its massive changes.

I will run the full Fundamental and Advanced Transference Healing energy on the group, and record a reading of what is occurring energetically, offering guidance on how to further support the children through the current earth changes and their internal transitions. The reading will contain principals from the Child of Light Workshop and help to further understand how to bring these principals into your world and reality in practical ways.

This “Merlin Magic ~ Crystal Child” Group Healing resonates with the frequency and teachings of the Child of Light Workshop. Please click here for more information about attending the Child of Light Workshop to learn how to run the amazing Child of Light procedures on your children.

Fee: £35 each for first child in the family, £25 for second child, £20 per child thereafter.

Email for bookings, and go to events calendar for upcoming dates.

Tools to support your Crystal Child


We believe that the Children of the Light are here to teach us a whole new way of living and being. They are highly attuned to energy, are bearers of light, and are very impacted by energy, and the people around them. So we feel its important to teach your crystal child how to clear and protect their energy field, and how to work with their unique characteristics, so that we can support them to retain their purity light and happy state of being.

In that, as adults, our ability to adjust to their expanded levels of consciousness, their gentle hearts, their energy – is a gift to us. And its a journey of learning, and healing of ourselves.

We aim to support you to awaken to your inner talents, through your children.

Frequency healing, like that provided here at HaloAvalon through our ‘Merlin Magic – Crystal Child’ Group Healing, our ‘Child of Light Workshop’ and all other healings offered on our site, will greatly benefit your crystal child.  Meditation is another very useful tool, and specifically when combined with Mantra.  All of our products, ‘Child of Light Meditation & Affirmation Cards’ is an ideal place to begin to positively impact your child’s consciousness and general state of being.  Available also is an uplifting and balancing spray called ‘Child of Light’ specifically for Crystal children.

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