Dragon Power


Key to Positive self worth, Empowerment & surrender to Divine Will

During this MAGICAL day we will work with the Dragon Power energies for health, to support resourcing when depleted, and to bring up a shield of energy of protection against negativity. You will leave with a clear understanding of both what it is to be dis-empowered & also how to attain empowerment. Some will birth their dragon (their power source) and some will be building their dragon (building their power to hold their dragon)

Self worth is the final frontier, during the Dragon Power workshop you’ll learn what it takes to become empowered. And get to understand the depths of spiritual empowerment that is attainable through this very ancient and sacred lineage of teachings. 

  • We’ll start with a morning meditation ‘Entering the Temple of Avalon’ to ground into the higher planes of Avalon and access the mythical worlds of the dragons
  • The day follows with channelled teachings about the Dragon Power lineage, the ancient Druidic lineage of empowerment
  • Guidance to help master through your own initiations
  • High frequency healing Meditations throughout the day to support you to birth your dragon, and or crystallise your dragon 
  • PLUS unique meditations to allow the interdimensional connections to come through
  • All will feel a divine connection to Lord Merlin & his lineage that dates back well before the Arthurian times, to ancient Mystery Schools of Lemuria

When you can own the Power of the Dragon


You can revitalise and resource depletion, through absorbing & sustaining higher levels of electromagnetic light in your body & consciousness, accessing the hidden resources of nature for vitality. 

You will be able to heal past life wounding and weakness that has restricted your sense of self worth, and finally feel a sense of your own unique self, and become empowered.  Through this, you’ll have a divine connection to elemental kingdoms & hidden inter-dimensional doorways to attune to Galactic worlds & to create the lightbody.

You’ll be able to surrender to your higher self, to embrace the power of Divine will, the most vital key to self healing, mastership & ascension.

You will learn about Dragon Power

You discover the ancient elemental Dragon Power symbol & the learn to run the energetic Dragon Power procedure for revitalisation and empowerment

Connect to Master Merlin & his Dragons

Embrace his lineage that connects us to the Global Grid Matrix, its crystals and hidden elemental kingdoms to access this most profound power source on the Planet

Understand your journey to empowerment

Detailed guidance on the journey all Ascending Masters must go through to learn to 'hold their light' at times of initiation, to purify ego & intent

Join us. This workshop provides a vital step in your journey of self empowerment.  Reclaim your earth magic, and unite with the elemental kingdoms to connect to the gridding & ascension technology that is accessed through the crystals. 



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