Elemental Doorways & Alchemical Magick


connect to the new divine blueprint of the Aquarian Age
enter the hidden & sacred kingdoms of Gaia

During this magickal day you will be transported interdimensionally into the sacred inner kingdoms of Gaia, you will connect with Morgan le Fay and Lady Master Nada and go deep in nature, her elements and receive her pure pranic elements.

This day is to understand, connect to and embrace the new cosmic coding of the divine blueprint that has come through from the galactic worlds, at the commencement of the Age of Aquarius. This coding has created a completely new template for us all to run our consciousness from, its like a code that we all absorb. The new Children of the Light, were born with this template in place, and are holding a space for the rest of us to integrate with this new level of consciousness, awareness and fifth dimensional reality.

Some will code their merkabah to gain access to new worlds and some will open and heal their heart through the absorbsion of refined & subtle elements, filtering through from these kingdoms.

When your mind/heart consciousness can access these interdimensional worlds, you will:

  • Purify with more ease; as you are able to utilise the pranic elements more effectively.
  • Resource; by being able to ‘receive’ the pure prana from these more pure hidden worlds, your body & consciousness will be able to heal, integrate light and feel a sense of vitality
  • De-code and heal past life wounding, fears and weaknesses that have restricted your capacity to utilise your lightbody and merkabah in these higher kingdoms, therefor heal long term lightbody symptoms and dis-ease
  • Have a divine connection to the elemental kingdoms & hidden inter-dimensional doorways to attune to Galactic worlds, to learn from, to heal & to eventually ascend
  • Begin to master the higher attributes of alchemy; all ascended Masters knew these hidden doorways held keys & codes for healing, ascension & rapid enlightenment
  • Surrender to your higher self, to embrace the power of Divine will, the most vital key to self healing, mastership & ascension


  • All of the 8 Elemental Beings from the Transference Healing Animal Magic Deck of Cards
  • All of the 8 Mythical Beings from the Transference Healing Animal Magic Deck of Cards
  • How to ‘hold your light’ through difficult times, purifying ego & intent
  • To connect to Master Merlin & his Dragon Power lineage & the crystalline Global Grid matrix
  • To access the magic of Dragon Power, the most profound power source on the planet



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Optional tools to support you to connect to the elememental kingdom

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