Lightbody Activation


Key to Absorb the Cosmic Teachings & Frequencies of the Lightbody

Everyone on the planet has now anchored their lightbody or vehicle of light, and is going through alchemical change to manifest and fully integrate the consciousness of the higher self, and totality of their lightbody. Few people have begun to evolve into the Christbody and consciousness, and are on their journey of ascending mastership.

During this high frequency day, you will be suspended in very pure stellar frequencies to connect to the cosmic teachings of your multi dimensional self, in support of the integration of your lightbody

birth your Kadmon body - your physical body with your lightbody sustained within it - the new anatomy & its higher function in alignment with the divine worlds

  • We’ll start with a morning meditation ‘Entering the Temple of Avalon’ to ground into the higher planes
  • The day follows with Transference Healing teachings about the lightbody – our cosmic vehicle of light, and its complex integration process
  • Guidance to help master through your own lightbody activations – bring your questions
  • High frequency healing Meditations throughout the day to support your own lightbody to crystallise and form
  • PLUS unique meditations to connect to the crystals, stars, sacred geometry and light language

All will feel a connection to Lord Melchezadek, Archangel Metatron & Lord Enoch on the day

When you can Master the Lightbody Integration Process

You can empower your self healing process to live with more ease.  Lightbody symptoms will clear and create wellness in mind body soul and spirit. As you learn to surrender, and come into an alignment with divine will, you can rapidly integrate higher levels of change & transformation, so your growth can be accelerated.

You will encode your merkabah with cosmic geometric codes to access parallel realities, dimensions & worlds, eventually, anchoring gifts and talents on earth.  These are gifts that are embedded within your soul and higher self, so you can live in higher consciousness and create your Golden Age reality.

Learn the Sacred Lightbody Teachings

I'll guide you through the essential anatomy of the lightbody, touch on lightbody symptoms and how to work with them,

Understand Lightbody Integration Process

I'll guide you through how to consistently integrate higher & higher levels of light in support of your ascension.

Discover the magic of Lightbody Activations

Know what to do during a lightbody activation, during this crucial time of surrender & rapid growth.

I feel its time for all of humanity to be educated about this sacred system of light.  Since 2012, the integration of our lightbody has created a whole different electromagnetic system that runs through us, changing human evolution forever. The lightbody technology is everything. Our health, wellness, mental state, spiritual evolution and co-creative abilities are dependant upon this system of light. Join us for this essential workshop day.



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