1:1 Mentorship

Materialise your destiny and spiritual service

Together we can catapult your gifts & talents into the world, so that they are received and honoured. 

You can co-create with the universe and come into divine manifestation through the lineage of Transference Healing.

Are You Ready To Create A Profitable Career Utilising Transference Healing?


*share Transference Healing with your tribe* 

#universal law – what you are seeking is seeking you;  together we radiate a powerful intention that will call in those clients that want exactly what you have to offer


*get in sync with the divine flow of Gaia & the grid*

#universal law – as you anchor more fully with the grid, you can pull through your oversoul’s wisdom and jump in the river of flow and prosperous manifestation 


*align with the bountiful new economy birthing on earth*

#universal law – the 5D grid holds a new template for divine feminine leadership to guide the way, and for prosperity to follow


*anchor your sacred entepreneurial venture*

#universal law – as we set a powerful intent to bring your spiritual business into a profitable form, we will be awakening 


You will create and make manifest your business into physical practical form, incorporate lightbody technology and at the same time meet the needs of our changing world.

be seen as a beacon of light & leader in the new age and 5th dimension


unique sessions

1:1 absentee "7 Planes of Transformation Healing"

a Mystery School Alchemy Healing, that includes a full Fundamental & Advanced Transference Healing

Personal Intensive, Channelled Session 1

75 minutes of clear direct insight, dedicated to you, your gifts & talents and how to share that as your unique offerings

Personal Intensive, Channelled Session 2

75 minutes of clear direct insight, dedicated to fast track embodiment of your skills to manifest in your divine business

Group Sacred Circle of Fire

Astral clearing, to release old negative stuck and limiting beliefs & patterns. Let go. Move on into the new way.


Mentorship of Light package fee, full payment


Mentorship of Light package fee, deposit


Mentorship of Light package fee, final payment


next round

Session 1

Fri 31st May, 24

7 Planes of Transformation

*absentee healing

Session 2

Sat 1st June, 24

Personal Channelled Session

*75 minute call

Session 3

Sat 5th July, 24

Personal channelled Session

*75 minute  call

Session 4

Sun 6th July, 24

Sacred Circle of Fire

*Group, 30 minute ritual

For time zone conversions, go here.  


Claim Your Time Slot

Only 4 spots are available in each round, choose one time slot for all 1:1 sessions. Phone calls are with Session 2 & 3 only. The Group Circle of Fire has one time option only, and you will be called in absentee.
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Mentorship of Light will be life & soul changing

it will guide you to Live your spiritual Destiny now

and align you to your highest potential

My Personal business journey

I call from my own experience of running a successful online international Transference Healing business for over 25 years.

Having been blessed by working closely with Alexis, and witnessing the growth of the business of Transference Healing over many years, I seamlessly incorporate the  wisdom I’ve gained into both the practical teachings, and the channelled materials that i’ll share to support you to create the profound impact you are to create.  

Furthering my business career in the spiritual industry, in 2016 I was guided by the angelic plane to create Halo Avalon, a ‘physical bricks & mortar‘ 7th dimensional Temple of Healing & Ascension to house my ever expanding online business.  Halo is built upon such a sacred Avalon heart grid on Glastonbury High Street, and to run pure divine Transference Healing frequencies creates an anchor point for the 7th & final golden age to manifest. 

Running the business in alignment with divine will has been my greatest joy, bringing with it many challenges & initiations that have contributed greatly to my growth, and capacity to hold a space for you to grow your own 5D spiritual business.  I look forward to working with you. 

invest in yourself & your gifts for sacred abundance to flow #universal law says what you focus on will grow & expand

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