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On Mother Mary’s Feast Day,  be a part of an ancient Goddess Prayer Ritual & Healing, to open your soul’s essence and receive holy blessings for the co-creation of your heavenly life, here on earth.

Connect directly into the sacred heart of Mary to receive her Divine blessings. We honour her as vessel of the divine feminine & vessel of the holy spirit;  through her light & love, she’ll ignite a profound spiritual purification, easing our pathway through our ongoing process of reconnection to our faith.


Honour the Nativity of the blessed Virgin Mary

8th September

I’ve chosen this day for our special celebration, in reverence to her more Goddess self, her divine feminine and spiritual essence, as vessel of the holy spirit.

In more religeous traditions, the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary or the Nativity of Mary, symbolises her birth during that fateful life as mother of Jesus, and refers to a Christian feast day celebrating that. Universally I feel her ‘essence’ is so close as we honour her birth on earth, during that final fateful incarnation.

calling in the angels

Through channelled meditation, in sacred circle, we'll call forth the angels & cherubs to prepare a purified space in our Temple, and a purified state of being for us all individually, in preparation for the Divine presence of Mother Mary.

channelled message from mother mary

This will be a live transmission, beginning with the Transference Healing Invocation to Mother Mary, followed by a channelled message relevant to those attending our blessing ceremony on the day.

Chalice prayer blessing & Anointing

We will join in sacred circle for meditation, where you'll receive 5 individual holy symbols and holy water blessings & anointings, aligned through Goddess prayer & invocation, to co-create highly attuned incantations of empowerment to absorb the light directly from Mother Mary, and her gifts that she bestows.




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Mother Mary has been my teacher my whole life. I love Her and have always prayed to Her. However I felt Her presence with more intensity during Rena's Chalice Blessing ritual than i've ever felt her before. She's touched me in a way i'll never forget. So grateful.
Dublin, Ireland
Best event ever!!!
Salisbury, UK
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