The Power Of Transference


its alchemical transformation & its ancient vibration

During this very sacred day we will work with the very divine feminine Transference Healing® technology and connect to the lineage & its ancient energetic origins, to embrace ‘transference’, alchemical change for rebirth. Moving from one state of being to another with consciousness. We will delve into the creative principal, and be taken deep into the void to access the black ray of the Goddess and stellar coding directly, and to activate profound alchemical change from within.

Some will go through a ‘transference shift’ on the day: an accelerated change in vibration & alchemical make-up that initiates a de-coding of deeply embedded genetic weakness in the DNA. This day is excellent for those who are ready for a rapid change, ready for a potent energetic death to allow in a grand rebirth.


Every workshop is taught ‘in the moment’, meaning the content is similar, yet it is taught in alignment with the universal frequencies filtering through at the time…  

and in alignment with my own personal growth, meaning each workshop is unique:

  • we’ll begin with meditation, to balance and ground into our Temple of holy light, and opening into the universal energies of the grid
  • the day follows with channelled teachings around the Goddess’s black ray and Her pure power of creation from the unique perspective of teachings from the lineage Transference Healing 
  • Guidance comes through in support of your own initiation process that you’re going through
  • High frequency healing Meditations throughout the day to support you to own the power and magic of ‘transference’
  • PLUS unique meditations to allow the interdimensional connections to come through

Receive channelled transmissions & beautiful wisdom teachings anchored in the divine feminine principal.

As you begin to work with the Transference effect


You will be able to co-create its alchemical formula from within, allowing yourself to die a little ego death, in the moment day by day; constantly purifying deep seeded wounding.

You’ll know how to let go with more ease & grace, you’re open and receptive to the amazing transformation that you’re in, having overcome the fears of what’s inside of you.  You can actually surrender.

You’re able to filter in the subtle & refined properties of the Goddess’s black ray from the void, so the pranic elements can shift you into a higher consciousness & reality.

Finally, you’re able to embrace rebirth, rejuvenation, and cellular regeneration, the profound process at the basis of immortality, to move forward with more flow.

Learn the 'transference' formula

Go home after the workshop having learned the transformational formula of 'transference', embracing the 'transference effect'. You will know how to 'be' when you're in the void, overcome the fear of releasing unresolved pain from your subconscious mind & etheric body, avoiding the toxic build up of emotions through your transition into light.

identify the Process of a 'transference' shift

During the day you will clearly recognise the whole process of death - purification - rebirth. This will help you to manage yourself more effectively at home, so you're able to let go through moments of change and transformation with more ease. You'll learn HOW to go through purification during your death process, come out of polarity and orchestrate the rebirth in your consciousness and reality.

embrace the Power of this Divine Lineage

You will be encouraged to feel the process going on internally, to allow the frequencies of light that are available to change you. You'll learn how to absorb the light at this vital time of resurrection, understanding more of your own unique divine process occurring creating a deeper potential for healing, personal growth & awakening. These are foundations for us to embody our lightbody & divine self.

This day really expands your awareness around Transference Healing in general, and I feel it builds a whole new level of faith around the lineage and its purpose here on earth.  I’ve come to see that the more you can have faith and trust in the energy, the more powerfully it runs for you, making this day essential for those who are serious practitioners.



Full Payment


This workshop is a vital step to Master in the lineage of Transference healing

When you can master the Transference effect, at this point in your evolution you have become exceptionally spiritually empowered, embodying divine feminine Christ consciousness for spiritual empowerment;

  • You are living the expression of your spiritual belief system
  • You’re trusting and utilising your psyche, utilising all of your amazing gifts, you aren’t in fear of the purification & healing & alchemy & magic that it creates.
  • You can open up to the light, and radiate it, through this purification process, constantly dissolving negativity, and being receptive to this light.
  • Eventually you can co-create alchemically in the moment, this is pure alchemy & magic.
  • You are a pure vessell for the light
  • You have the consciousness to transcend into the afterlife whilst remaining conscious, it will simply be a part of instinctual knowing
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