Raven Power & Black Ray Of The Goddess


your key to the magical teachings of the Goddess's divine feminine principle

The Black Ray is often feared or misunderstood, it is a vibration of light that filters through to our planet from beyond creation.

Through this workshop you will learn to tap into this mighty and very positive power of the black ray and along with its polarity force – the white ray – we can tap into the creative principle of our Universe.

Learn how to utilise this divine polarity force of creation to transform everything into higher levels of frequency & light, understand creation & manifestation and overcome any fears of the dark.

1 day in person Workshop

You will be personally welcomed in the holiest sanctum of our Temple. Enter through ritual purification, and receive a full day of channellings, sacred teachings and high frequency meditations, all designed to shift your consciousness and vibration, and elevate you into a whole new way of being in alignment with the divine feminine way.

We honour Saint Mary Magdalene
as divine vessel of the Goddess

Raven: shamanic archetype of the black ray

As we embrace our Raven Power, our spiritual and psychic abilities are enhanced and we can access the mysteries of the universe.

Embrace the hidden mysteries of nature

Learn how to be a divine vessel for nature, through the subtle elements and the power of spirit, owning the power of the feminine within.

Connect to the lineage of the Black Madonna

Symbols and myth concealed these teachings, veiled for protection. Connect again with the Masters like Isis, Ishtar, Lilith, Morgen le Fay & Mary Magdalene.

Join us

  • Learn to go into the depths of the void, within yourself, releasing fear around accessing your shadow self, or fear of power
  • Learn an energetic “Mary Magdalene” procedure to connect to the feminine principle & awaken spiritual abilities
  • Learn the energetic Transference Healing “Raven Power” procedure to access new levels of spiritual empowerment & enlightenment
  • Gain clarity on the polarity forces of the black ray & the white ray, and how they work in unison for divine healing
  • Identify how you can access the magic and purity of the black ray of the Goddess inside of your normal practise

& make a deeper connection to the Goddess's divine feminine principle

Remember this lunar vibration that already sits inside of your womb,

and re-ignite this magic of the light once again, be the lightworker you’re meant to be.

Join me, and Saint Mary Magdalene, absorb the unfathomable strength and unbreakable faith available through this vibration.


Embrace the divine feminine mystery, make a deeper connection to the creative principle

heal & awaken as you reclaim your own personal direct connection to the Goddess.



full payment


empower the light of your divine feminine essence in a whole new way

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