Vessel Of The Goddess


embrace the divine feminine

During this day we will work with the deeper mysteries within the divine feminine heart based Transference Healing® technology and make a deeper connection to the Goddess and her lunar  principles.

We’ll connect to the mother, connect to nature, the mother of the earth, and explore the light technology of their creative force, to reclaim the alchemical power of the Black Ray, the essence of the Goddess force.

Re-connect to the Goddess

This day will help you to emotionally, energetically & practically reconnect to the Goddess.

So that you can feel the rich nurture and abundant loving vibration of the feminine ray within you, and tap into it universally.

The thing is, we have lost that deep inner connection.  We’ve been opressed by the patriarchy, or persecuted, or we’ve seen persecution in past lives – that has made us fearful of being seen for our truth, our soft light, our femininity, our creativity, our nurturing capacity. Some of us don’t want to be seen too much now, through fear of being persecuted again. Sadly, some of us have even had our spirit broken.

To reconnect, at some point during our awakening, we go through clearing of these painful memories lodged in our psyche; cleansing of the memories that suppressed our gifts, and we can finally release the blocks that have kept us afraid of shining.

This day is excellent for those who are ready and truly wanting to release the suppression, those painful times when we haven’t trusted ourself, when we’ve  been full of self doubt or fear or shame of our light.

Its designed for those powerful women who are ready and willing to re-anchor and understand and evolve their reconnection in their faith. To realise their faith is deeply spiritual in nature, and connected to the Goddess, rather than the God. For those that are willing to go deeper into their soft loving heart, open their 3rd eye again, so that their spiritual gifts and talents can resonate through in a more pure essence.

Awaken your Goddess gifts

Identify and remember your natural feminine qualities and talents; your intuition, your clairvoyance clairaudience clairsentience and your psychic abilities.

tap the Goddess force of creation

Ignite a powerful direct link to the flow of the source of Goddess's light and energy, and know how to utilise your connection for creating flow and abundance in your life.

empower the Goddess within

Learn to take the lead of the higher divine feminine inside of you, listening to her, feeding her by honouring her quiet voice and conforting nourishing guidance.

Work with the Glastonbury Hare magic

experience an attunement to the creative principal

Receive Practical Tips & Tools

Illuminate The Priestess In You

*she who is fully connected to the Goddess & the universe*

#in a state of service to Her, and being taught directly by Her 

*she who is trusting of Her psyche*

#utilising Her psyche and Her visions, having overcome self doubt, taking actions based on Her intuitive guidance without fear of the fast moving change that’s happening

*she who consistently holds the new identity*

#having released the fear of change that manifestation brings, she moves in line with divine universal flow

*she who channels the vibration & consciousness & teachings of nature and the elements*

#she works in partnership with the Goddess’s kingdoms, as they create & manifest alchemy within

Arise the Priestess in you that is ready to be a vessel for the Goddess.

That part of you that’s ready to begin a state of ascending mastership on earth, through your deeper connection to the Goddess and her divine feminine principals.



empower your divine feminine spiritual power in a whole new way & connect to the source of the Goddess



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join us to learn the ancient & sacred way of the divine feminine mysteries & awaken memories of times when you've held the power of the Goddess

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