reconnect to the essence of the Goddess force

| overcome your fear of being seen |
clear suppression
embrace a deeper level of faith

Become A Vessel Of The Goddess


During this day we will work with the Transference Healing® technology and make a deeper connection to the Goddess and her feminine principles. We’ll connect to the MOTHER, connect to nature, the mother of the earth and the creator of everything.

We’ll also delve into the technology of the Creative Principle, and connect to the lunar power of the Black Ray, the essence of the Goddess force – and understand it in balance with the solar power of the white ray, the essence of the God force.

This day will clear wounding around our disconnection. Some will go through deep clearing of persecution pain; we’ve been persecuted, or we’ve seen persecution in past lives, that has made us fearful of being seen for our truth. Many of us don’t want to be seen too much now, through fear of being seen and persecuted again. Some of us have had our spirit broken.

This day is excellent for those who are wanting to release the suppression, all those times when we haven’t trusted ourself.

Its designed for those powerful women who are ready and willing to re-anchor and understand and evolve their reconnection in their faith. To realise their faith is deeply connected to the Goddess, rather than the God. For those that are willing to open their heart – deeper, and open their 3rd eye again, so that their gifts and talents can resonate through in a more pure essence.

When you are a ‘vessell’ of the Goddess, you can:

  • FLOW with all the gifts that the Goddess bestows
  • channell the vibration & consciousness & teachings of nature & the elements
  • channell the frequency & technology & teachings of the light
    be seen for who you truly are
  • embrace your divine gifts of the feminine principle

You will learn:

  • to attune to the creative force of the universe, by connecting to the creative principle (Chapter 5 Beyond Doorways)
  • how to ‘surrender’, you will learn what that truly means, to know ‘how to surrender’ to be the vessel
  • how to go into ‘receptivity’ so that you are open to receive from the universe
  • how to allow divine intervention, to understand when ‘the energy is running’ so that you can let go and allow the Goddess to do her work
  • how to channell your higher self
  • how to work with hare magic (from Animal Magic deck), to master the twilight time, betwixt & between the worlds
  • signs & symptoms in your body that you are a vessel, and how to handle that process ongoing

Your investment: £160
Full day workshop: ‘vessel of the Goddess’

Full Payment


IF YOU CAN master being a vessel for the Goddess & channel the creative principle through the lineage of Transference Healing
…you have become exceptionally spiritually fruitful & productive, and are in a state of divine manifestation and flow
  • You are a co-creator WITH the Goddess and the Universe, you are in a state of service to Her, and taught by Her
  • You’re trusting and utilising your psyche, utilising all of your amazing gifts, you aren’t in fear of the fast moving change and manifestation that it creates in your life world & reality
  • You are in a state of oneness with all that is
  • You are beginning a state of ascending mastership on earth
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