The Craft Of Alchemy


Become the alchemist

Get a glimpse into the depth of the ancient mysterious art of alchemy, the process of transmutation to reunite with the divine.

Practised by all Ascended Masters, they knew they had to perfect their capacity to co-create alchemical change within themselves in their final incarnation, and now we can do the same.

We’ll work with the content and teachings contained within the Transference Healing “Healing with Alchemy” set of tools to learn to harness divine alchemical powers in our every day life.


To learn how to co-create your own transformation through an inner alchemical change is one of the most empowering journeys a human being can take. Transmuting negativity into the light; transforming the lower aspect of ego into the higher self;  mutating DNA into the 12 strand sequence – ALL are aspects of mastering alchemy within the self and essential to integrate the lightbody for ascension. 

formula for transformation & change


Transference Healing provides a tool to support you in your mastership of the alchemical forces at play within you.  The Transference Healing “Healing with Alchemy” Set contains etched crystals that hold earth & cosmic vibrations, and the know-how to be able to drawn on these alchemical powers to work on yourself at home.

, eithvr through to grid these universal alchemical forces into your

simple energetic techniques that create alchemy & healing

Go home after the workshop with clarity as to how to use your Transference Healing "Healing with Alchemy" set for your self healing and ascension. Simple, easy to follow guidelines as to how to embody the alchemical change created for transformation and manifestation.

Become versed in universal alchemical language

Alchemy is as ancient as life itself, and is written in the nature and the cosmos.

Experience your own internal alchemical change

During the day, you will be receiving the vibrations of all of the Alchemy symbols, all at once cohesively as we work through each symbol individually, and as you participate in themeditations and gridding procedure, which will transmute the old and help you to embrace the new.



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The Craft of Alchemy Workshop

We'll work with the 'Healing with Alchemy' Set

  • We’ll work through the 12 Power symbols from the “Healing with Alchemy” book as part of this set.
  • Get to feel the vibration of each of the symbol
  • Gain insight into what may be occurring in your life when these symbols come up for you.

Please note:

*If you have purchased your own set, please bring your Book. 

*It is not essential to have your own Transference Healing “Healing with Alchemy” set, however you may be drawn to purchase your own before or after the workshop, go here

Customers reviews

What people say?

I'm in love with the "Healing with Alchemy" set, its so simple to use at home when i just need to let go, and receive a healing from the Universe. It's exceptional for those moments when you want an effortless and uncomplicated healing, the energy is so impactful. I just love it.
Brisbane, australia
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Optional Tools to support to support Alchemical transformation

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