1 Day Self Mastery Workshops


Our ‘Self Mastery’ workshops guide you to go beyond the knowledge.  You go further into the Transference Healing light technology, to experience the vibration of these very sacred aspects of the lineage. 

You’ll know how to master through the initiations as they come up along your pathway of reconnection, so that you can embody and experience the magic.

Raven Power & Black Ray of the Goddess

magical teachings of the divine feminine & mystery of black madonna


Cosmic Lightbody & Higher Self Workshop

connect to the global grid & higher self to absorb cosmic teachings of the lightbody


Dragon Power Workshop

raise your dragon power for revitalisation, protection, positive self worth & to align with divine will


Elemental Doorways

Its alchemical transformation and its ancient vibration of resurrection


Vessel of the Goddess

attune to the creative principal of the universe & divine feminine flow


Power of Transference

its alchemical transformation & its ancient vibration


you'll feel the unique frequencies & vibrations, the codes of light as they filter through and create divine healing & lightbody integration

Customers reviews

What people say?

Each and every workshop I attend at Halo Avalon gets better and better. Each workshop has enhanced my understanding so that i feel more fluent with the energies of each aspect of the Transference Healing teachings. I LOVED the Dragon Power especially, gratitude beyond measure.
Sydney, Australia
The Raven Power Worlshop pushed me on a whole new pathway of understanding myself, i can now feel more empowered through some of the dark places that i get to in myself, and can go deeper into myself. I can see i hold this power of the black ray in me now, the feminine and feel so much happier.
London, UK
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